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Dynamic Shallow Water Fishing

Dynamic Shallow Water Fishing This is a bass fishing techniques video that is instructional for beginner to expert bass fishermen. Four of the top fundamental bass baits are introduced on this “how to” video. Bill shows and explains secret tricks to rigging the jig, spinnerbait, crankbait, and wacky worm. He also demonstrates techniques on fishing […]

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Bass Fishin with Grandad

Bass Fishin with Grandad Family heritage is something to be proud of and keep alive. My grandfather, Ed Cannan Sr., just turned 80 last month and has lived a healthy lifestyle of fishing, hunting, and an appreciation of the outdoors. Of course these passions were taught to my dad and on down to me and […]

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Where to Start

Where to Start I recently was talking to Pat McCarty (the editor of this magazine) about some of the emails we receive concerning fishing. We both get a good bit of email from people who are beginners or have never fished and they want to know where to fish, how to fish, and so on. […]

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Matching Line to Lures

Matching Line to Lures How often are you fishing a lure and know that you are not throwing it on the right pound test? Too often probably if you are like me, and simply don’t want to strip all of that line off to replace it with smaller or larger line. If you know the […]

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Little Things II

Little Things II My January column titled “Little Things” was about all the little steps you take as a fisherperson and how they all work together to make you a better angler. I am going to be writing about some of the little things that you can do that will make you a better angler, […]

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Texas Rig Worm Fishing Basics

Texas Rig Worm Fishing Basics One of most effective ways of fishing shallow shoreline structures for largemouth black bass is using a Texas Rigged worm. The rig is designed for fishing shallow water with precision and thoroughness. Shallow water structures are any object in the shallow water that will hold bass. Some of these structures […]

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