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Toledo Bend Fishing Report October 5, 2017

Hello Fellow Fisherman,

The water level at the time of this report is almost four feet below high pool and SRA is not generating. High pool is 172msl. The lake was on a roller coaster ride after the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. We had a three-foot rise with about a foot over high pool resulting in SRA opening the gates, which quickly dropped the level.

This time of year, I like to remind people if they are planning to store there boat for the winter, there are some steps you should take to make sure you don’t have any costly problems when you take it out in the spring.

Top off the gas tank; add fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment. Disconnect your batteries and put them on a trickle charge, drain any water from the hull and live wells, and tilt your motor down to make sure there is no water in the lower unit if it freezes. Also, don’t forget to clean up your reels, cover them with reel covers and keep them in a temp controlled location. You should also strip the line off your reels so when you start back up fishing you will have new line.

If you are an avid fisherman, you won’t be storing your boat. Fortunately, here on Toledo Bend, fishing is a year round sport.

You can tell fall is in the air. The mornings are cool and the days are getting shorter. It’s a great time of the year to be outside whether you are fishing, hunting, bird watcher or just soaking up the magnificent vista of the autumn landscape.

The fish also seem to get excited about the change of the season. The bass will be hungry trying to bulk up for winter. They will be following the bait- fish and the bait-fish will be migrating to the the coves and shallow flats. Top water plugs, buzz baits, shallow diving cranks, Rat-L- Traps, blades, soft plastics, jigs, deep diving cranks, tail spinners, spoons and even grubs will be effective this time of year. Locate the bait- fish and you will locate the bass. Shallow flats close to deep water off the river channel are also good areas to catch schooling bass. Work the ledges and drops of the old river channel and creeks with jigs, plastics, crank baits, tail spinners and spoons and keep a shallow diving crank bait, Rattle-L-Trap and top water plug handy if the bass start schooling.

Now is the time to put out your brush for your Crappie hotels. On the north end of the lake, October is when the Crappie start moving to the ledges of the old river channel. Shiners and jigs fished from 15 to 30ft of water over planted brush tops are the key to catching a boat- load of Crappie. As the water temperature continues to drop, the Crappie will move into deeper water, 25 to 50ft, shiners and jigs usually will be more productive.

The White Bass will be feeding heavy and migrating to the north-end of the lake holding on the river channel sand bars in 15 to 25ft of water. Slab spoons, tail spinners are the go to lures. Keep a shallow diving crank bait, Rat-L-Trap and top water plug handy when schooling.

Greg Crafts
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