Aransas Pass Bass Fishing Report June 24, 2009

Night Fishing Report I have never been much of a night fisherman but on occasion it makes for a nice change of pace. A friend and I went out just before dark and planned on fishing unitl around midnight. We caught a few fish just before dark but not as good as I would have though. Right at dark I realized I had left my spinnerbait box at the house and had no black spinnerbaits to chunk, which is my prefered night fishing bait. I decided to go with a black Stanley ribbit and my buddy chose a TX rigged worm. After about an hour of fishing around pepper grass and hydrilla, we only had 1 fish that I lost on the ribbit. It sounded and felt like a really good fish but I never got a good hook set on it. We then choose to switch up our tactics. I switched to a football head jig and we started fishing more clay banks. After I had boated 3 fish, my buddy decided he needed to switch from the TX rig to the jig. We only ended up with about 6 or 7 more fish with the largest being about 5-6lbs and all on the football jig. Good luck if you head out there, the night fishing is definately the best way to beat the heat this summer.

Water Temp: 88

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