Aransas Pass Bass Fishing Report September 10, 2010

Fishing Report lake OH IVIE TEXAS The fish have really changed up for the better, after some good rains and wind including the small cold fronts has really helped the fish start turning on !!! The numbers of 4-6 pound fish have been great though some of the larger fish are running with some of the schoolers Had 2 in the duoble digit range Thursday afternoon on a wind blown point while catching smaller fish. Also the main lake is really starting to come alive. if you get back behind some of the grass beds really taking advantage of the shad bite early in the day. I wouldnt say the lake has really started to get into its fall run for the 4-10 pound fish that you can catch every cast but I would say that in the next week it should change as the water has cooled off. Bait sizes are a key factor I have seen one school of big fish herd a bunch of 10 inch shad and just unleashed on them. Try a top water bait such as a spook or buzzbait and really keep and ope mind and ear listening for the explosions then get on them. try casting a 10 inch worm in the middle of the pack and hold on. The trolling motor is your best friend anywhere you want to fish. Tryu to stay away from dock talk as this is IVIE. The bass follow their own rules and when you just start fishing banks you will run into some of them. for you deep water fisherman try also a Texas rigged Tornado worm in baby bass color around the grass beds. with the lightest pegged weight you can get by with and just swim it through the grass. I cant try to just say one place is better than the other because you can gatch them anywhere on the lake. The big fish are there and someone will run across them very soon. And when you find them they will not move. So you can go catch a 20= sack of fish one day and then 35= the next be safe Tad

Water Temp: 80

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