Caddo Lake Bass Fishing Report January 24, 2008

Water temps are ranging from 42-46. The lake is at normal levels. Bass are hitting a variety of lures right now such as traps and spinnerbaits, stick with your light or shad colors. These are mainly being used in or over the grass flats. Jigs and soft plastics in the grass and on the cypress are catching some decent bass also. There were 2 – 10 1/2 lb. bass caught on Caddo this past Saturday along with numerous 4-7 lb. bass caught during the KTBS 3 Boat Show Tournament. We finished 2nd in both categories with our largest going 10.47. We boated 12 bass and 10 were between 4.5 and 10.5 lb. All came before 10 a.m. The 1st place team came off Caddo also and they caught many overs with their largest of 10 3/4 lb. Crappie are good right now. Shiners and 1/16 oz. jigs in most any color combo will catch Crappie from around the edges of the grass and pads on the channel drops. Try fishing the laydowns on the edges of the steeper drops in the river also. We have also been catching some big numbers of huge white bass in the Big Cypress channel…when they are up schooling most any topwater or trap will work and when down try using tailspinners, spoons, and traps hopped off the bottom. Caddo Lake Guide Service Paul Keith 318-455-3437

Water Temp: 43

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