Falcon Lake Bass Fishing Report November 28, 2008

Falcon Lake is approximately 23 feet low, with water clarity real good in most places. Water temperature is in the low 70’s. Bass fishing is good for small fish, but keeper size fish are hard to come by. Best baits include Senkos, Flukes, and Brush Hogs, with the best colors being watermelon red and black neon. There are also some fish being caught on black with blue glitter. Catfishing has been good, with several large fish being caught on shrimp and stinkbait. There have been no reports of stripers, white bass, or crappie. Falcon is an international lake, and when fishing in Mexican waters, you are required to have a Mexican fishing license and boat permit. These licenses are available locally. The ramp at Falcon State Park and also the Zapata County Boat Ramp are open, along with several ramps at the various lodges. I am writing this report this week on second hand information, since I am in Ft. Worth at the NCHA Futurity with my leather goods, and won’t be back on the lake until about the middle of December. You don’t realize how much you miss the laid back lifestyle of South Texas until you spend a few weeks in one of the big cities. It seems like everything up here is rush, rush, rush. If you happen to be in the Ft. Worth area, please stop by the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall in the Will Rogers Complex and visit with me. I will be there every day between 9 AM and 7 PM until I head home, and it would be nice for somebody to stop by and talk a little fishing. I usually pick up some information for my regular reports from Larry Bridgeman of Falcon Lake Tackle and my good friend Oliver Talamante, who was living in Salineno, which is right below the dam. Now Oliver has went to work for Falcon Lake Tackle, so I only have to make one phone call to get some additional information. Larry told me that they are now doing some repairs on boats and motors, which is a good deal for anybody visiting Falcon who needs some help. Be sure and stop by and see them. Falcon Lake Tackle is located on Hwy 83 South in Zapata, right accross the street from the turn off going to the Zapata County ramp. They have about the largest selection of tackle that you are liable to find anywhere. >From everything I hear, the fishing is still outstanding for little ones, but the bigger fish are real hard to come by. The best depths have been in the 10 foot range. There are still some fish being caught on some small crankbaits in addition to plastics, and there are also a few fish being caught on spinnerbaits. State Park Cove, the Tigers and also Goose Bay are producing a lot of fish, as is Veleno. I did hear of some good numbers coming out of OPEC, but from everything I’ve heard, still nothing out of Coyote. Right before I left to come to Ft. Worth, I got a call from the Kerrville area, which was warning me that Uncle Roy was packing up and getting ready to move to Zapata. For those that don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s Roy Lee Graham, and while I haven’t been officially told, I’m assuming that he is moving to Zapata to run Beacon Lodge. Speedy Collett, who owns Beacon, had told me earlier in the year that he had been talking to Roy about coming to Beacon. I think it’s a good deal, and I believe that everybody concerned will benefit, however I do want to let a few things be known. 1. Uncle Roy is really not as old as you would believe when you first lay eyes on him. (which is good) 2. He is not really as grouchy as your first impression (which is also good) 3. He is probably not as good a fisherman as he might lead you to believe (really he might be, but don’t let him know you might think so) 4. He is not near as pretty as he thinks he is (no doubt on this one) 5. There is nothing growing in that mustache (?????) 6. Finally somebody showed up at Falcon Lake with a pickup with more miles on it than mine (I think) If it sound like I’m give Uncle Roy a hard time, I am, but rest assured that I do think a whole lot of him, and I am really glad to see him come down here. When I first started running tournaments down here, there wasn’t anybody down here that gave me a harder time than Uncle Roy, and “pay backs” are due. I left my phone book at home, but I believe that the number to Beacon Lodge is (956) 765-4616. Give them a call, as it’s the place to stay in Zapata. For more information about Falcon Lake and the Zapata area, contact the Zapata Chamber of Commerce at 1 (800) 292-LAKE, or e-mail me at murrayleather@cs.com

Water Temp: 72

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