Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report April 23, 2010

This week on Lake Fork The lake level is full pool and the water temp. is 68 in the main lake and warmer in the creeks. The spawn is moving into full swing. With the full moon approaching the fish are ready to get with it. The next 3 weeks ought to be awesome. The majority of spawners right now seem to be in the front of the pockets and on protected secondary points. Today we saw the first fry with a male protecting. Carp and gar are moving in to some places so if you see a muddy spot and the rest of the area is clear move on because it is a waste of time to fish there. Average size is getting better at around 4 pounds and every day we have had a fish over 6 pounds with a few larger jumping off. We have been fishing in about 6 foot deep up to the bank. most standard spring baits will catch fish. We have had most success with the wacky or straight rigged stick-o type bait. I prefer to fish wacky when there is a wind as it has more drag and won’t blow off as easy. There is a tool available at Bass Pro that is a small piece of tubing about the size of a large pencil that you slide an o ring on your worm. It works great. Flukes are a great alternative. I fish a super fluke on a Gamakatsu super line hook in 5/o size. This is a forged hook and is rather heavy compared to a fine wire hook. This makes it drop faster and works great. Best color has been pumpkin green but watermelon has been better in clear water. Fish around spawning coves and flats where you can get out of the wind. Work the edge of drains as the fish stage on them before moving up to spawn. Tube jigs are catching fish regularly now and will continue all spring. My go to bait and a game changer for the big ones. Spinnerbaits have been good on windy and cloudy days. Shad colored lipless cranks have been good with a 6 and a half pounder caught by Klaus Lambert Today. Good Job man.. A word about hook sets. I do a demonstration in my boat every day about setting the hook. I recommend setting the hook on a slightly slack line. You have a lot more pressure at the hook if the line is not tight to the fish. If you have ever walked a dog on a leash that pulls on the leash and you pull back to stop him you can’t hardly get his attention. But if you drop some slack in the leash and then give it a pop you will have his complete attention. This is a great dog training tip also. Back to the demonstration. Take a Texas rigged worm on a rod either with or without a weight and hold on to the worm tail. Hold the rod like you hold it when you fish. now with the rod bent pull hard like you would setting the hook first with the line tight when the worm breaks it will be even with the hook. now try it with a little slack in the line and the hook will rip clean out of the worm because you can generate much more power and speed. This was shown to me by Woo Daves. Hank Parker did a demo. on a cardboard box out about 40 feet away from him to show the penetration power it took to punch a hook through. By the time you factor in line stretch and rod flex he could hardly put the hook in the card board on a tight line. Practice makes perfect. Speaking of practice, Take your rod and a variety of lures and train in a swimming pool. You won’t believe how far a Texas rigged worm moves with a slight twitch of a rod. Most people move a bait way too far and fast. When you move your rod tip 4 inches the worm will move a foot. I teach this in my boat daily especially in the spring when I fish shallow. If you don’t have access to a pool put on a white lizard or a tube and fish shallow enough to see the bait on the bottom.. We;l there you have it, Hope this puts a giant in your boat and remember practice that hook set cause you can’t boat ’em if the hook comes loose. Be careful and we’ll see you on the great Lake Fork. If you would like to book a trip call me at 903-765-2155 or email me at Please check out our sponsors and associates fine products and services: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Castaway Rods, Shimano Reels, Triple-Fish Line, Precision Marine, Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses, Lake Fork Tackle, Service Marine, Owner Hooks, Bass Assassin, Weedless Lures, Pradco, Tanglefree, Superlube, Ron Kelly’s Taxidermy, Yellow Magic, Bass Pro Shops, Schumacher battery chargers and all the fine LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS including their two cycle boat oil or Gunns Guide Service Joanie and Jeff Gunn 903-765-2155 611 Rains County Road 2610 Alba Texas 75410

Water Temp: 68

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