Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report April 7, 2010

This week on Lake Fork the water level is full pool and the water temp. is 60 degrees and higher in the creeks depending where you are on the lake. The spawn is on. The fish are headed to bed. There are a lot of pre spawn fish moving in in waves preparing to set up shop. The reaction bite is strong on jerk baits and the plastic bite is improving with wacky worms and light carolina rigs with a brush hog on the end. Change colors until the fish tell you they like it. Watermelon, watermelon red and green pumpkin are the best, however, change with water color and cloud cover. Sometimes a dipped tail will be the choice. Check spawning in coves, and the points leading back to the bedding area. Grass flats are also good bets, especially if you can find an inner line to stop the fish on the way up. They will hold first on the outside and then move to the inside as they progress to the spawning area. If you see fish chasing shad, a spinnerbait or chrome trap can get you a few fish. Try to fish the edge of the school first so you don’t spook them. A word about spawning fish. Please try not to run your trolling motors on or near the beds as the silt covers the eggs and they don’t hatch. Use a push pole like the flats guides do. I guess we need a trolling motor free zone around the lake to protect the beds and we would have more fish survive the spawn. While I’m on the subject, please hold the fish in the water so they can breathe while your partner gets the scale and the camera. They can’t hold their breath any longer than you can.The fish are already stressed out due to the spawn, and we need to treat them like they deserve. Also hold the fish under the belly to support the fishes weight with WET hands. The fishes jaw, if it is over 5 pounds, can’t support it and your DRY hands encourage slime problems and fungus growth. As with every year guides and motels book up quickly. To ensure that you get the dates you want, book early Please check out our sponsors and associates fine products and services: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Castaway Rods, Shimano Reels, Triple-Fish Line, Precision Marine, Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses, Lake Fork Tackle, Service Marine, Owner Hooks, Bass Assassin, Weedless Lures, Pradco, Tanglefree, Superlube, Ron Kelly’s Taxidermy, Yellow Magic, Bass Pro Shops, Schumacher battery chargers and all the fine LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS including their two cycle boat oil! If you would like to book a trip call me at 903-765-2155 or email me at Always wear your PFD (personal flotation device). The winds can come up quick and be especially dangerous out in the ‘big’ open water. Lake Fork always has a story… Gunns Guide Service Joanie and Jeff Gunn 903-765-2155 611 Rains County Road 2610 Alba Texas 75410

Water Temp: 63

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