Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report January 6, 2009

Happy New Year from Lake Fork. The lake is about a foot low and 48 degrees in the main lake. We are in great shape for the pre spawn! Its so nice to see the grass line around the lake in such abundance as this will be great for the spawn and fry survival. As the days get longer and hopefully warmer the pre spawn will be under full swing. This month will have two patterns to fish. The first is the grass and the second is the deep water bite. Swim baits and spoons will be a good choice along with the Carolina rig as well as drop shot rigs for the deep bite. This deep bite will grind to a halt as the fish push to the banks in preparation for the impending spawn that usually starts in late March. For the grass pattern, lipless crank baits are always effective in the early spring. Color choice are red or orange in crawdad patterns, chrome with either blue or black backs, or my favorite white with green back and sparkle flake. Spinnerbaits in variations of white, chartreuse with some blue in the skirt. A suspending jerk bait is standard fare. Try gold or silver with black or blue backs. Make sure to pause it for at least the count of ten and sometimes twenty if the water is cold as it is now. As the water warms weightless plastics will catch more fish. The stick-o and the fluke will take there share . Then there is the jig and pig. Start the month with black and blue and as the water warms switch to pumpkin green with chartreuse as the brim move up to the shallows. With the water cold the numbers will be small but the fish this time of year are the usually the biggest of the year due to the weight of the eggs. I hope this helps you catch that trophy you are looking for. Stay warm by layering with a wind proof jacket on the outside. The cold wind will freeze your hands and neoprene gloves will ward it off and allow you to feel the bite. As always I recommend you wear a pfd and if you can test it in a swimming pool with all your warm clothes on it will save your life if you go for a swim. Be careful and we will see you on Lake Fork for a great spring! If you are interested in booking a trip on Lake Fork, get it done as soon as possible as Guides and Motels are booking up and you don’t want to get left out. If you would like to book a trip call me at 903-765-2155 or email me at Please purchase our sponsors and associates fine products and services: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Castaway Rods, Shimano Reels, Triple-Fish Line, Precision Marine, Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses, Lake Fork Tackle, Service Marine, Owner Hooks, Bass Assassin, Weedless Lures, Pradco, Tanglefree, Superlube, Ron Kelly’s Taxidermy, Yellow Magic, Bass Pro Shops, Schumacher battery chargers and all the fine LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS including their two cycle boat oil Gunns Guide Service Joanie and Jeff Gunn 903-765-2155 611 Rains County Road 2610 Alba Texas 75410

Water Temp: 48

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