Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report October 17, 2005

This week on Lake Fork the lake is about 3 feet low and the water temp is 75 degrees in the main lake. The fish are scattered from the bank to 30 feet deep as the lake is turning over. We have seen fish right on the bank chasing shad in the grass. The main lake fish are in school mode. They are blowing up regular if the clouds will hold. If the sun comes out the shallow water bite goes away quick but you can go to the deep bite and get busy. The average fish are around 2 1/2 pounds but we have been catching one or two in the 5-6 pound class with a big one thrown in either early or late in the day. One of my clients yesterday had his line broke while throwing a crankbait. This fish was one of those that he couldn’t even turn. His rod was surging every time the fish kicked her tail until she broke off. What a disappointed angler. I sure felt sorry for Freddy! Here is my recent pattern. We are throwing top water early. A Yellow Magic in shad pattern to start with and on some cloudy mornings a white buzz bait. Then we move a little deeper with a weightless Magic Shad by Lake Fork Tackle in watermelon, sometimes with a chartreuse tail. A Lake Fork Tackle frog in watermelon pearl is a good choice also. Either buzz it or slow roll it.This has been a lethal weapon all over the lake and in some 10 foot water if you have the patience. If a fish blows up on it and misses, come back with a weighted or weightless Magic Shad in watermelon or Magic Shad Color and you will probably sack her up. Next we have been moving out to tree lines in 10 to 15 foot of water and fishing a Bandit 100 crankbait on the tree lines where the timber forms a row or a funnel to group up the bait. The bandit is also effective on main lake and secondary points with either grass or scattered timber. The next move we make about 10:00 is to the creek mouths and fish structure.Deep points, humps, roadbeds and creek channel bends are the places to fish. Get a Martins map and it will show you all the good structure. Use a jigging spoon, Tail kicker in shad, drop shot with a twitch worm wacky rigged, Carolina rigged watermelon baby Fork Creature by Lake Fork Tackle or a small swim bait to fish the abundant structure in Lake Fork. This is the time of year that the Threadfin shad start to die off with the cold fronts and the fishing can be some of the best of the year. I had my best day on Lake Fork a few years ago with 72 fish in the boat with 11 over the slot and 3, 10 pound fish. The average fish was 5 lbs.! The fish will begin the Fall feeding frenzy to prepare for winter. This is my favorite season to be on the water. Between the fish being hungry to the Fall colors and the migrating waterfowl on the lake it is a sight! See you on the lake! Now that fall has finally arrived I am fishing full days now. I have some Oct. dates left and I am booking holiday trips now. A guide trip makes a great birthday or Christmas gift that will never be forgotten or returned. If you would like to book a trip call me at 903-765-2155 or email me at Please purchase our sponsors and associates fine products and services: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Castaway Rods, Shimano Reels, Triple-Fish Line, Precision Marine, Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses, Lake Fork Tackle, Service Marine, Owner Hooks, Bass Assassin, Weedless Lures, Pradco, Tanglefree, Superlube, Ron Kelly’s Taxidermy, Yellow Magic, Bass Pro Shops and Schumacher battery chargers Gunns Guide Service Joanie and Jeff Gunn 903-765-2155 611 Rains County Road 2610 Alba Texas 75410

Water Temp: 75

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