Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report September 19, 2009

This week on Lake Fork the water temp is in the low 80’s and the lake level is about 5″ over full pool due to the consistent rains we have been having on a regular basis. The ground is saturated and in some places squishy. Later this week fall will be here. Predictions are high temps. in the 70’s and lows in the low 60’s. Good bye summer! Now for the fall pattern. Think shad as the bass are. The shallows have been holding under slot fish but this will change directly with the coming of fall. When the water cool and turns over Lake Fork will spring to life with the Giant fish on the bite. The fish are due to make thier fall migration following the shad to the mouths of creeks and moving to the back as the shad have to move to find the warm water to survive the winter. This is my favorite time to be on Lake Fork. The lake is slowly quieting down as allot of people are starting to deer hunt, school is back in session and thoughts turn to the holidays that are rapidly approaching. Start your trip off with top water and on cloudy and windy days it should continue into the late morning. Next we have been fishing a Texas rigged power worm in blue fleck and the Lake Fork Tackle tube jig in watermelon along the edge of the grass. Also a good bet is the shaky head worm and the drop shot rig. I have been fishing these out to 15 foot. If the fish slow on top try the usual weightless offerings of flukes, live magic shad, stick baits and the like. After the shallow bite slows back out to a piece of structure like a hump or ditch or pond dam and fish a Carolina rigged ring fry or a baby creature or the drop shot rig. Try a wacky rigged drop shot with a stick-o on it and hang on. When the fish move into the mouths of creeks throw a tail spinner or a spoon with a swim bait at the ready. Most of the baits I throw are either shad colored or brim colored. The fish in Lake Fork key on these two bait fish almost exclusively. With the Lake Fork over full let me caution you that it is loaded with stumps you can’t see so be careful! With fall on the way and the temps dropping my summer special is at an end. Thanks to those who participated. If you would like to book a trip call me at 903-765-2155 or email me at Please purchase our sponsors and associates fine products and services: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Castaway Rods, Shimano Reels, Triple-Fish Line, Precision Marine, Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses, Lake Fork Tackle, Service Marine, Owner Hooks, Bass Assassin, Weedless Lures, Pradco, Tanglefree, Superlube, Ron Kelly’s Taxidermy, Yellow Magic, Bass Pro Shops, Schumacher battery chargers and all the fine LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS including their two cycle boat oil Gunns Guide Service Joanie and Jeff Gunn 903-765-2155 611 Rains County Road 2610 Alba Texas 75410

Water Temp: 80

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