OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report August 13, 2010

Lake OH Ivie The weather is hot but so is the fishing!! Started out with 7 really nice bass one all in the 5-7 pound range and also one that hit the scales 10.12 The hot temps have really kept a lot of people off the lake though I did have a great time with some great friends I have fished tournaments with. The fish are still in the feeding mode and we literally used every worm we had in a few colors. Started off with the top-water action the was fast and furious. We all had a load of fish then they stopped as fast as they started. The lake is really in awesome shape with grass beds and humps holding the fish I have been doing the same thing and it keeps working but really have changed a few things and lure choices. If you have not fished with Hags Tornado baits you are missing out. We ran out by 9 am and had to make a trip to Concho Park to load back up. Swimming the new 6.5 lure with no weight and also with a small 1/8 ounce weight just tossing it around the grass pockets and when you find one Good fish it seems like the others are stacked up. Best colors where really a key because I have learned that just because you have had a great color work so long other things in the lake have also changed and that is the bait fish. The 6.5 storm chaser was tops in the morning till the sun started baking down then either Baby Bass color which I have tied on no matter what was the key for me while the watermelon gold worked very well flipping and also Carolina rigging. The Colorado River just past Pelican was the key for schooling fish early. But as the day went on we worked 20 or more points till we found them in the main lake towards Bull Hollow flipping the trees all the way into Elm to the back. Also the Tornado 6.5 in watermelon gold was really getting most of the bites late in the day but you need to be rigged up for some of the fish chasing shad and also being out in 30 foot of water. The large gizzard shad also have the fish biting my new swim baits and that what the 10 came off today. I have still been tinkering with the Toadslinger swim bait but I hope to have them ready very soon. Please be safe on the water Tad Box

Water Temp: 81

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