OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report August 18, 2010

Fishing Report Well the heat is still on with little rain helping anything. But fishing is still great. We have been still tossing tornado worms either pegged with an 1/4 ounce sinker around grass beds anywhere on the lake. It has been really good all over. The north and south islands have the shad really stacked up which is typical this time of year. Bass are feeding on shad schools and the crawfish anywhere you can fish. Top waters are still getting explosive strikes in the morning then the shad schools get back down in the 10-30 foot range which has really helped once you find those spots. The wind has not been blowing like usual but when it does the bite really kicks in. Gatlin Creek and the runway ares have some great grass beds underwater and when you find one you find them stacked. I have some new colors I have been using that I have also been working on in the crank baits and finally got them right. They kill the baits and the strikes are vicious. rivers have really produced but once again if you are not familiar with the lake avoid the rivers you can find a stump fast. If you are looking to find some good fishing just email me. The bigger fish have been harder to come by but we have had alot of 4-7 pounders with most schools. Have a wonderful week drink plenty of fluids Tad Box

Water Temp: 85

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