OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report August 26, 2010

Fishing Report We Had some great rain fall though I really don’t think its enough to do much for the lake level though it should turn the fishing on even more as the lake temperature fell and the barometric pressure also moved. The 100 + days are hopefully gone long enough to at least enjoy some great fishing days. Staring out with the rivers and creeks that will continue to cool off while new water rolls in. This should really start the more active period for schooling bass. I have already noticed an increase in morning activity and it happened just overnight. The creeks such as Elm, Grape, Bull Hollow and both river sections will change for the better. also any of the small feeder creeks should produce in the morning as the clouds have really helped the top water bite for longer periods. Then get next to any creek channel or humps and Texas rigged or Carolina rigged Tornado worms in pumpkin yellow fake or storm chaser colors 6.5 in size. Also it a great time to just hit lots of areas that have any grass. The grass beds will still be the best spots for your more consistant fish but dont overlook the nothing looking banks. Try slowrolling a spiinerbait along the ledges and be prepared for some hard strikes. They will rip the rod out of your hand when you least expect it. The larger fish are still being caught though I havent had any over 10 this week. Its just finding the right areas which is alot of time on the water. Please remember that you need a new hunting and fishing license,Sept 1st !!!! That it will run out August 31 midnight so do not forget. Please be safe and watch out for the trees up the rivers. I have some spots available. If you are wanting to run the lake and fish out of your boat please just let me know where you can mark some GPS spots. Have a great one be safe Tad box

Water Temp: 83

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