OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report August 4, 2010

Fishing Report Lake Ivie is still at it though the dog days of summer are here. Following the bait fish is critical on Ivie, But as the lake has always done this time of year it produces and produces good. The lake as we all know has had a very well known year for monster fish but do not let the summertime fool you. Schooling Bass are the norm in summer being from any depth range. I try to make it simple but the water being down does limit some not familiar with the lake. Main lake has been producing some really big fish bites and I have been with a few who like me LOVE to throw big swimbaits. If you do be prepared to get just a few strikes; but the strikes that you do get will be huge fish. Also as the carolina rigs and any topwater will work right now. Mid lake has been more reliable for myself. Any grass bed you see will be loaded with fish. Also finding these fish is hard for most but I will explain a really good concept of catching them. Wind !!!! if you get the wind the fish sit on the back end sides of these beds. And they will school up in any eddy type areas caused by the wind. Top waters I had 11 fish over 10 pounds in 2 weeks so be prepared for some vicious topwater action which can last all day. Don’t Bring Light line! And bring your heart pills. River fish are somewhat the hardest right now but early morning top waters and flipping either river will work. Flipping large 10 inch worms in any dark color has seemed to work for me and anyone I have fished with. Once again Braided Line will be your best friend 40-65 lb test. 7/16 pegged weight. PLEASE BE CAREFUL !!! on the lake as the water has come down out in the main lake by the dam you can get around fine. Headed towards the midlake to the rivers has become a GPS game of stay in the river channel there are some road beds just sticking out! As with the river we have plenty of LARGE trees that have fallen over and trying to run either river being Concho or Colorado can ruin a great trip putting back a lower unit! The fishing is still awesome you more than likely can find large schools of fish on any point. Just becuase they are not schooling on top you may catch 50 in one spot. Other lakes in the area Twin Buttes is on a great bite from flipping to white bass fishing. DD 22s on ledges and points. Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo be prepared for the skiers but the lake is been real good on top waters and crankbaits and always a flipping fish. If You have any doubts about 5-10 pound bass on Nasworthy or have never fished it, You will be shocked at the number of BIG fish you can catch in one day!!!!! Be safe Feel free to email me for any info I am already starting to book up for next month so get a spot in. And please remember your boat or mine. Some people like to get GPS locations and feel more comfortable fishing out of their own boat. which in Turn can get a way point trail also.

Water Temp: 85

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