OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report February 6, 2010

Fishing Report Lake OH IVIE Feb 6th 2011 Had a good day of fishing , the lake is low and cold but the fish are in the prespawn pattern in certain areas that being the north facing creeks and anywhere you can find rock and grass next to the ledge being a creek or river I had success in both cases we had 2 9lbs in the 1st 5 cast slow rolling a Toadslinger swimbait in about 12 foot of water sittng nest to a large rock ledge in the main Lake area. These baits have a little something extra I have designed into them also they do not roll on you. Next Was slow rolling a 1 1/2 ounce spinner bait back through the same area. had some 4s and 5s that where sitting in a very unknown part of the lake. Went flipping the Colorado river and like always about broke my wrist setting the hook on several while pitching an XCITE raptopr craw with 3/4 ounce wieght in 10 foot of water those fish where brutes and 65 pound braid line is a must, Though I broke a 6/0 hook on a huge fish that had me wrapped in every tree branch it could find. My partner in crime who was with me decided he would shakey head with a spinning reel and braid as I was laughing he wasnt after he literally had his rod broke into from the drag being set to tight.. I am not responsible for dumb but I will laugh. There is a good time and place for a spinning rod just dont bring one to flip with! combined weight was around 34 pounds in five we caught 22 fish and worked hard for them. havnt found the large schools yet but the should really be feeding up on some shad in the shallows Until the next adventure be safe on the water the lake is low Tad

Water Temp: 49

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