OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report January 25, 2002

Well here we go again classic Lake Ivie is still producing monsters and the air and water is still cold. I really thought someone may get a 17 plus pound fish out of the lake but 16 is really close. This West Texas lake secret is out but as most of the locals area anglers know its always been like this. Large bass have been coming deep but the fish are here. Large schools of fish is what makes Ivie so great. It is not uncommon for anyone to stumble across the Large 8-10 pound schools of fish. It happens alot and right now those fish are just sitting and waiting for some warm weather. This years spawning time will truly hold the key to what the lake has to offer. Its no secret that 40-50 pound bags are only 5 cast away and thats what makes Ivie so great. I would say that the lake level has alot to do with some of the bigger catches as the drought has really cuased some extreme water levels. So Please Catch and release those big fish. I have lost count of the double digit fish I have caught out of the lake. I am thinking 300 over 10 pounds since 1995 may be more. The lake has a tea color stain in most areas that makes it hard to find bedding fish so if you are coming to the lake to sight fish believe me I have seen fish cruising but these fish will spawn in 40 foot of water and in the tops of trees that are in 50 foot of water. The main Lake by the dam is clear due to the hydrilla but the fish are very hard to see while spawning. But once you find a good place stick with it. Both rivers always start early in the spawn and it moves like clock work into the main lake. But do not be fooled as I have caught spawners into June. Jigs and spinnerbaits can really get you well in a hurry. I have my own line of swimbaits that I use called the Toadslinger swimbaits but are are limited right now. They have a slow motion with the best action you may have ever seen in a swimbait and the bass will engulf them. Flipping any type of visible cover will be a good option and yes you can flip into a tree thats in five to 10 foot of water and who knows you may get famous in a hurry catching a Texas Share a Lunker fish over 13 pounds. Dont be surprised when the Texas State record falls this year as an 18-19 pound fish could easily get caught. The perch that are in the Lake are so huge you even catch them on Zara spooks once in a while. If you are heading this way give me a shout we can go out and hunt for the giants. Caution!!!!! the lake can ruin your day because of the trees that do not care about your lower unit!!!! and also the roadbeds and flats that are everywhere on the lake. So please be careful. Your gps can be your best friend in the Midlake to the rivers. If you would like I also have been with alot of people taking their own boats while I just show you where to run the lake. Just give me a shout and lets go fishing at one of the best big bass Lakes in TEXAS. Good Fishing Tad

Water Temp: 45-50

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