OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report November 4, 2010

Fishing Report for Lake OH Ivie in Texas To all those who have called or emailed sorry for this delay, Been hectic getting a lot of things done as my new line of baits should hopefully be out by January or February. Lake Ivie in West Texas. Oh what can you say about it. Its been still holding on as actually the last few days has been really windy and tonight we will hit some freezing numbers but should rebound quick. Lets talk about the fishing I have missed alot though I did manage to get a full week in by myself. And yes there have been a few large ones among the bunch. Crankbaits around the flats with deep water nearby next to creeks but the bass really havent made a major move yet into the creeks. Last year was different as the colder temps pushed them down but they are still in the eating everything they can right now. The Pattern I have found seems to be the 3 in one scenario depending on what the day is holding. Last week topwaters where king as the temps had been stable for weeks and the action was red hot but just lacking some monsters. 3-5 pounders where easy to come by and loads of them with an occasional 7 or 8 pounder in the mix not what I thoguht the lake would do but Ive been wrong before. Depending on what you are looking for. As for bass the bite is great but the 10+ pounders are either mixed in with the schools or just picking crawdads of the bottom. Though I did have one that had a giant perch engulfed in his mouth, remeinded me of fish taking down tilapia but only huge sunfish. 1ounce jigs that I have been making have really worked well in some pattern I have yet to name it. But I just know it works also the trailers I have been throwing have been the hags tornado craws with some green and purple flakes matched with my Jigs. Crank Baits aslo has been a fish finding pattern again I have really been working with some colors that I wanted on a crankbait so I have been in a steady stream of painting them just right. My Toadslinger swimbaits I would say have been the money bait. Not because I am making them but because years of knowing what I wanted and what really works best not just at Ivie but anywhere I go. Cant find a bite in the main lake rivers will produce and produce well just flip in the middle of any tree and hold on you best choice should be any jig with some 40-80 pound braid dont forget your flipping these fish out of some really thick cover and I big rod and highspeed reel will come in handy. Until next week God Bless and good fishing Tad

Water Temp: 68-75

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