OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report September 2, 2010

Fishing Report for Lake Oh Ivie Texas Fishing is great for numbers of fish and the occasional big one. With the weather starting to change just a little I have seen a huge increase in bait fish activity not just in Ivie But also Twin Buttes outside of San Angelo. The lakes are in terrible shape as rain is needed and I mean a lot of rain. The only way we get this is from the tropical disturbances that may form up and sit over the entire west Texas region. But Ivie is still holding on. The fish are aggressive in some places more than others but if you can just find out where is always the key for me. I have always done good on top water anywhere on the lake and it can be an all day event then change with the fish as they change. The best way is just as simple as following the wind or hit the points with deep water ledges and also flats. The main lake and also the Colorado river around a few of the bends have some schoolers that will hit just about anything that will produce a reaction strike. Try spinnerbaits along the rock bluffs with a little shadow hanging over and you also can get bit. as always be careful up the rivers and also the main lake Leaday area for flats that are underwater of just showing up. Pray for rain. I believe that we should see anohter 16-17 pound fish before the end of the year. And I will not even be surprised to see a state record come out of Ivie by next May. Be safe God Bless Tad

Water Temp: 83

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