OH Ivie Bass Fishing Report September 30, 2010

Fishing Report Lake OH Ivie Well The temps have finally been steady running in the mid 50s at night to 80s during the day which should start making a huge difference for finding the bass bunched up. Though the small cold fronts that have came through do put the bass in a negative mood as the pressure change goes into the higher marks. This is the time to either slow down and pick a few off till the fish start their staging pattern for fall and winter but maybe the best time of the year to really find them bunched up. They have been somewhat active but nothing that I would say extremely aggressive YET!! Ann that will change fast. The Baitfish are Key !!!!! Any type of small pocket holding near the Channel or even some really good creeks or ares that produced in the spring will really start to load up with schooling activity as the baitfish make there ways to the back of the major creeks and also the feeder creeks. I noticed that the high pressure has really taken its hold on them the last few days but it wont last to long. The Bass should be really on the move in the next few days and this weekend should really be great. The topwater action has also slowed but will become really great as the fish start adjusting to the temps. I really like to think that the fish do almost the same thing as the spring this time of year. So when you find them you are on them. People can be 100 yards from another boat and not get anything while that other boat is whacking them. The grass beds will hold true as always but being on the move to find the right one is a challenge. Run and gun till you hit the right spot throw fast moving baits till you find the schools as I was saying just treat it like the spawn and you will do fine. Just dont look for the spawner but if you see a 10 pounder swimming the bank be ready to catch her she is on the prowl for something like a giant shad of crawdad. I have seen them change colors lately look for them on the rocks or anywhere and your color choice will serve you very well. Tad

Water Temp: 82

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