Richland Chambers Bass Fishing Report September 8, 2009

Richland Chambers Reservoir Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Sept 5 thru 7, 2009 Water Color: Stained Water Temp: 82 to 86 F Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Boat – 2003 21ft Triton TR-21with 225 Merc Rod – Kistler Magnesium Senko Worm Special 7′ Medium Heavy Fishing Rod (MgSWMH70) Reel – Okuma V-200A baitcaster Line- 20lb Seaguar Inviz-X 100 % Fluorocarbon Lure- Texas Rig Color- Watermelon / Red Dipped Tail Creature Bait (Picasso) Fishing Report Black Bass: The lake at normal pool is 315.0 but as of today the level is 310.34 which is about 4-1/2 ft low. You really need to pay attention where you run. There is a timber showing and if you’re not careful it will hit it. The fishing has been pretty good in the morning up until 10:30. Catching a few fish on Zara Spooks & Pop R’S in the morning. Some of the colors that are working are an all clear, or a bone white color. The key has been deep water close to shallow. TXI gave up 15 to 16 pounds in a couple hrs. The only problem was getting into the area. With the lake being so low you need to run your trolling motor in. There are a bunch of stumps as you get to the cut to go under the bridge and its only about 1-1/2 to 3 ft deep. I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT try and to go under the bridge close to the rip rap you will get stuck. You need to swing wide, and you will see some big stumps just swing past them and then head towards the bridge. Once you get under the bridge you will see two pipes opposite the pump. You should key in on the pipes, all the quality fish came off the pipes. The are sitting in 4 ft of water and dropping back into 12 to 15water. We were using a 3/8 Tru-Tungsten Green Pumpkin weight, with a #4/0 gamma hook, with a Watermelon/ Red Brush Hog(Picasso) and dipping the tail with chart spike-it. We duplicate this pattern on docks, but you need to make sure you can find deep water close by. Right now there isn’t too many docks that they have deep water. With the long weekend and the Jet Ski’s buzzing around the south end, made it impossible to work these docks. There is one point on the left of Oak Creek; it’s just two creeks over from Midway Landing west side (South End of the Richland Arm). You will see some large boulders on the bank. Keep the boat in about 10 to 12 foot of water. All the fish being caught are coming out 6 to 8 foot of water. On this point we are using a C-rig with a ¾ Tru-Tungsten weight with two 8mm force beads, with a 12” to 16” liter on a minimum of a 4/0 wide gap hook. Down at the dam on the left side of the gates there is a wing wall. The one on the left side has a rock pile about 20 ft off the rip rap. It’s actually a couple old crushed up culverts which are about 4ft in diameter. Also if you follow it out it will drop off into 12 to 15 ft of water. There is also a ridge that comes off the point/ rip-rap that is actually a ridge. A few fish in this area came off a Tx Rig watermelon red dipped tail (chart) brush hog (Picasso) on the opposite side of the dam on the right wing wall. Right in front of it, there is a ledge on the right side it’s 7ft off the rip/rap, and drop off into 16 to 20 ft of water. In about a 2 hr time period we put at least 12 to 15 fish in the boat. The average size was about 2 to 3 lbs. Caught a few on Spooks in the morning and rest of them on a Tx-Rig and C-rig. The ramps that are in good shape are Oak Cove, Fisherman’s Point, & Midway Landing. The public ramps that are use able is 309 but you need to be careful running out from the ramp. There are some shallow spots you need to be aware of. If you have any questions or help please drop me a line. If you’re on the water and you get hungry, try the restaurant at Oak Cove Marina off the Hwy 287 Bridge to the south. They have some of the best hamburgers and catfish on the water, and they’ve just added some terrific homemade desserts. They also have motel rooms, R.V. hook-ups, fishing pier, camping and gas on the water. To contact Oak Cove about tournaments, guide service or rooms, call 903-872-0888. Be careful on the water, as you know there are no true boat lanes on the lake. If you have any questions please give me a call or drop me an e-mail. We also have a video out on the lake, which is a great tool to see the lake before you burn a tank of gas to find the fish. Check out my website also in closing I would like to say that some of the products in this report could be found at you can also find these Products at Bass Pro, Cabelas ad Academy Outdoors & Sports. And always please wear a life jacket when running the big motor and kill switch. And please drink plenty water or Gatorade during the Hot Summer months. I have included the number for the Tarrant water Authority, (903) 389-3928 this will allow to see how many gates are open prior to going to the lake after it had rained. I’d like to take the time to thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina 903-872-0888 and my Sponsors: S.O.B. Lures, Big Hammer, Seaguar Line, Kicker Fish Bait Co, Tru-Tungsten, Kistler Rods & Okuma Reels. Steve Schmidt Tight Lines and Good Fishing Schmidts Big Bass Guide Service 682-518-8252 (hm) 817-929-0675 (cell)

Water Temp: 82

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