Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report April 11, 2005

The lake level is 170.4 msl, and holding steady. High pool is 172 msl. Both generators are presently shut down. Temperatures are running in the 60s. The water clarity on the north end is stained to clear. Note: heavy rains today will add to the lake level and SRA will more than likely start generating again. Black Bass: The Blacks have slowed way down and are moving into a typical post spawn pattern. There are still some fish in the shallows but the spawn is just about over. Finesse plastics, top water plugs, shallow diving crank baits and spinner baits working best for the shallow fish. As the bass move out of the spawning areas they will follow the creeks and ditches back to deeper water. Work the creek points and bends dropping off into deep water, and main lake points and bends with Carolina or Texas rigged plastics and crank baits. The bass will usually be holding in some type of cover, lay-downs, tops or along stump lines. White Bass: The Whites have moved back into the main lake and are holding on the river channel sandbars and off main lake points. Slab spoons and tail spinners working best in 13 plus foot of water on sand bars and shallow diving crank baits and traps working best off main lake points. The Bream haven’t shown up in large numbers yet but it’s just a matter of days before they start making their beds Crickets or worms fished on a foot to three foot leader along protected cove shorelines working best. Look for honey cone circles in shallow water to locate the beds. Some Crappie are still in shallow water spawning but the bite has slowed way down. Shiners and jigs fished on a foot leader working best. To find the Crappie use an ultra lite spinning reel with a beetle spin to cover a lot of water. If you catch one slow down, you should catch some more. Also work the mouth of the creeks in 25 ft of water over brush for the Crappie that have spawned and have moved back into deep water. Some good Catfish are being caught on Rod and Reels using live bait off boat piers on the main lake. Trott lines also catching some good fish with live or cut bait along the river channel.

Water Temp: 60s

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