Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report December 1, 2008

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked from people wanting to come to Toledo Bend and fish in December is “what is the weather going to be like”. So I’ve compiled some statistics taken from for averages you can expect for the month of December that might be helpful. The average high temp is 59 degrees. The average low temp is 38 degrees. The highest recorded temp was 84 degrees and the lowest was 5 degrees. The average precipitation is 4.2 inches. The average possibility of sunshine is 52%. The average number of clear days is 9. The average number of cloudy days is 16. The average number of partly cloudy days is 6. The average number of rainy days is 9. The average number of days above 70 degrees is 6. I’m still trying to locate an average wind speed and haven’t been able to find it. Most sportsmen have put their rods and reels in storage and are sitting on a deer stand or in a duck blind. However, avid fishermen from all over the country will be heading to Toledo Bend to catch some of our world famous slab Crappie. The Crappie will gang up over natural and planted brush tops along the old river channel shelf. The limit is fifty per person and in December, January and February there is no minimum size limit. If you like to fish for White bass (Sandies), December is a prime month to load up. The Whites will be heading north and congregating on the north end main lake river channel sand bars. In fact, December can be as good or better than the river run in early spring and it will definitely be less boat traffic. Slab spoons and tail spinners will do the trick. Your electronics are the key to locating your fish. For the purest that only fishes for Black bass, December is the time when you can catch some big bass. You may not catch numbers, but you have a good shot at catching a wall hanger. When the water temperature starts dropping the bass’s metabolism starts to slow down conserving energy. Bass will become less active immobilizing themselves in deep water where the temperature variances remain fairly stable. A slow presentation is the key in triggering a strike. The go to bait is a jig.

Water Temp: 50s

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