Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report December 1, 2011

DECEMBER 2011 TOLEDO BEND NORTH END GREG CRAFTS-GUIDE SERVICE & LAKE COTTAGES 936.368.7151 Going into December, the Lake is a little over 12ft below high pool and unless we get a substantial amount of rain it looks like we’ll be fishing these low water conditions for awhile. Let’s hope Santa Claus brings us some rain for Christmas. The low level makes for great fishing. You just need to make sure you know what areas you can run and the areas you can’t. If you’re not sure slow down. Typically when you think of fishing on Toledo Bend in December you think of fishing for our world famous Crappie that will bunch up over natural or man made brush tops along the old river channel shelf and ledges. Wildlife and Fisheries has reduced the creel limit for Crappie from fifty per person to twenty-five with no minimum length. The unusually warm weather have kept the Crappie scattered but getting some colder weather which will drop the water temperature and hopefully push the Crappie into deeper water over our baited holes. If you like to fish for White bass (Sandies), December is a great month to load up the freezer with some ferocious feeding fish. The Whites will be heading north and congregating on the north end main lake river channel sand bars. In fact, December can be as good or better than the river run in early spring and it will definitely be less boat traffic. Slab spoons, tail spinners and Rat-L-Traps will do the trick. Your electronics are the key to locating your fish. Looks like we are going to have a phenomenal season. If we don’t receive a lot of rain the Whites will spawn on the main lake north sandbars. We’ve been limiting out every trip for the past two months. When the water temperature starts dropping below 50 degrees the bass’s metabolism starts to slow down conserving energy. Bass will become less active immobilizing themselves in deep water where the temperature variances remain fairly stable. In general, the most productive lures for fishing this time of year are the jig and pig, soft plastics, large deep diving crank baits and spoons. Jigs in black/blue, brown/amber and camo are usually good choices. Craw-worms in reds, greens and pumpkin are effective and deep diving crank baits (DD 22s, Mud Bugs) in shad and crawfish colors work well. A ½ to ¾ oz jigging spoon vertically fished over deep- water humps will also trigger some bites. One of the great things about living in the south and especially here on Toledo Bend is that we get to fish year round and we catch a lot of fish in December. The average high temp is 59 degrees. The average low temp is 38 degrees. The highest recorded temp was 84 degrees and the lowest was 5 degrees. The average precipitation is 4.2 inches.

Water Temp: 60s

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