Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report February 1, 2013

Going into February the lake is in great shape and we have plenty of water from the heavy rains in January. Spring has sprung early this year. With record highs and exceptionally warm weather for this time of year. The fish are moving out of deep water heading to the spawning flats earlier than normal. Unfortunately, we’ll probably receive some more cold weather, which can throw a “monkey wrench” into the spawn. February can be referred to as a “Feast or Famine” fishing month depending on what “Mother Nature” throws at us. The fish are loaded with eggs and are ready to move shallow. Water temperature and weather are the key factors that will determine the productivity of our fishing. February is the month the Bass and Crappie will start moving from deep water using the creeks and ditches as their highways heading to the shallow spawning flats. Shallow water warms faster and the bass will move into the shallows when the water temp approaches 55 degrees. This is what we refer to as “staging” before they move on the beds. The bass will go on a feeding frenzy bulking up for the spawn. If the water temperature drops the bass will drop back into deeper water. All sorts of baits can be productive at this time, jigs, spinner baits, traps, soft plastics, finesse baits, cranks and jerk baits. The Crappie will also start moving into the deep creek channels in anticipation to their spawn. Work the bends and points of the channel with jigs and shiners especially areas that have brush or cover. When the Crappie move into the shallows to spawn work the flats with a shiner or jig on a slip cork with an eighteen to twenty-four inch leader around grass lines, stumps and Cypress trees. A Beatle spin or similar lure on an ultra- lite spinning rig can be used to cover a lot of water until you locate the fish. The White Bass have already moved into the river proper and we are tearing them up. The Whites will be loaded with eggs and stacked up like cordwood when you locate them. Locating the Whites is contingent on what the river level is. If the river is out of it’s banks, work the flooded sloughs off the main river channel with Road Runners, Rat-L-Traps, tail spinners and shallow diving crank baits. If the river is at normal or below normal level, work the inside bends of the river channel sand-bars with Road Runners, Rat-L-Traps and shallow diving crank baits.

Water Temp: 50s

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