Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report January 7, 2013

Happy New Year to all my fishing buddies! I hope you can come and fish with us or stay at one of our lake houses this year. The following story published over the Internet brought tears to my eyes. You’ve heard the old adage “ hell hath no fury like that of a women scorned”; well the following illustrates that saying. A spurned woman knew just how to get back at her ex-boyfriend for breaking up with her. She auctioned off the coordinates of his favorite fishing spots on the web. She got nearly 90,000 hits and netted $3,000. Ouch, talk about payback! The moral of this story is to keep your GPS coordinates under lock and key. Going into January the lake is in great shape holding at a little over four feet below high pool. We finally started getting some cold fronts that have dropped the water temp down to more normal temps for this time of the year. According to the National Climate Data Center in Asheville, N.C., 2012 will go down as the warmest year in U.S. history. I don’t think that is a big surprise to anyone around here. The Crappie season started off a little later than normal because of the above high temperatures. Now that the water temp has dropped the Crappie are stacking up and good numbers and sizes are being caught. Work the ledges and drops along the old river channel shelf over and around natural or man-made cover with shiners or jigs. Use your electronics to locate the cover and the baitfish. The limit is 25 per person with no minimum length. Toledo Bend has always been known as one of the best fishing lakes for Crappie and Black Bass in the country. I would also venture to say that the Bend is one of the best impoundments for White Bass. Over the last few years the White Bass population has exploded with schools running in the three-pound range. For years we typically only fished for Whites when they made their Spring run in the river to spawn. Now we fish for them all year long and usually limit out in short order. Last week we limited out in less than an hour two days in a row; talk about some fast action. The White bass will be feeding heavy and holding on the north end old river channel sand-bars. Concentrate on the south inside bend of the bars with slab spoons, Rattle Traps and tail spinners. Use your electronics to locate the bait- fish. In January the water temperature usually drops to the lower fifties and forties moving the bass into deep water. Their metabolism slows down and they become less active, feeding less and conserving energy. The easiest way to locate the bass is to locate the bait- fish. Look for balls of shad on your LCR in deep creeks, sloughs and along the river channel. When you locate the shad the bass are usually underneath just off the bottom or suspended. If the bass are on the bottom, they will orient themselves close to some type of structure, brush- tops, lay-downs, stumps, ledges, drops or humps. A jig, jigging spoon, Texas rigged plastic or a drop-shot rig fished vertically can be very affective in triggering a strike. If the bass are suspended, a fluttering spoon or tail spinner cast out and counted down and retrieved with a pumping motion can also trigger a strike. Once the fish have moved into deep water, the strong northern fronts don’t affect them as much as they do when the fish are in shallow water. Remember when fishing cold water down size your lures and fish slowly. Now is the time to check your calendar and pick the dates you would like to schedule a trip. We now have three lake houses available for rent along with a new fishing pier with cleaning station. Visit our website for more information.

Water Temp: 50s

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