Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 1, 2009

What kind of weather can we expect to have in March based on the averages compiled over the last forty years. The average temp is 58 degrees, average high 69, average low 46. Highest recorded temp 92, lowest 20. The average precipitation is 3.7 inches. The average snowfall is 0.2 inches. The average possibility of sunshine is 58%. The average possibility of clear days is 9. The average possibility of cloudy days is 16. The average number of rainy days is 16. The average number of days above 70 is 16. The average number of days below 32 is 2. (Weather statistics taken from “”.) More people fish in the month of March then any other month of the year. The reason why is pretty simple; it’s because it’s probably one of the easiest times of the year to catch fish. A lot of fishermen will just hop in their boat and start burning the bank with a spinner-bait and will do ok. But, if you want to increase your odds of catching numbers and quality fish take some time and do your homework. Study your lake map, pick some good spawning areas, check the water temperature, and choose the color of your baits based on the clarity of the water and daylight conditions. Pay attention to the weather conditions and plan accordingly. So whether you are fishing for Black Bass, Crappie, White Bass or all three with a little know how and preparation you will greatly increase your odds of having a productive trip. Black Bass- Work the shallow flats and backs of the feeder creeks with spinner baits, stick baits, traps, shallow diving crank baits, top water plugs soft plastics and finesse plastics. Also work the points and bends of the creeks as the bass move in and out of the spawning areas. The more cover and structure you can find the better. If the water is high enough, flip and pitch the flooded buck brush and Cypress tress. If all you are catching is small bass, back out to a little deeper water and look for the bigger females staging or getting ready to move onto the beds. If you catch one you should catch more in the same area. Main lake ridges and humps will also be prime spawning areas. White & Yellow Bass- March is also one of the best months for catching White Bass (Sandies) and Yellow Bass (Bar fish) as they move into the river proper. Work the flooded sloughs, cuts and drains with Slab spoons, Road Runners, chrome Traps, shallow diving crank baits, tail spinners and live crawfish or shiners. If the river is low work the sandbars, ditches and creeks that dump into the river and if the river has a lot of current, fish the eddies with the same baits. Note: we’ve been limiting out almost everyday for the past three weeks. Road Runners and tail spinners have been the go to baits. Crappie- The Crappie will also be moving into the coves and pockets following the creeks and ditches to the spawning flats. Work the bends and points of the creek ledges with jigs and shiners especially areas that have brush or cover. When the Crappie move into the shallows to spawn work the flats with a shiner or jig on a slip cork with an eighteen to twenty-four inch leader around grass lines, stumps and Cypress trees. A Beatle spin or similar lure on an ultra- lite spinning rig can be used to cover a lot of water to locate the fis

Water Temp: 60s

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