Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 1, 2010

March is probably the most productive month out of the year in catching size and numbers of quality bass. On the north end of the lake a number of variables and factors will determine the pattern and lures to use. If the lake is at or close to high pool, concentrate on flipping and pitching the flooded buck brush with jigs, tubes, craw-worms, and various plastics. Work the shallow flats and backs of the feeder creeks with spinner baits, stick baits, traps, shallow diving crank baits, top water plugs soft plastics and finesse plastics. Also work the points and bends of the creeks as the bass move in and out of the spawning areas. The more cover and structure you can find the better. If we receive a lot of rain, the north end will muddy up pretty quick and the fish will usually be holding tight to cover and the bite will be slow. Red colors work well in muddy to stained water and you will need to fish slowly. March is also one of the best months for catching White Bass (Sandies) and Yellow Bass (Bar fish) as they move into the river proper above Circle Drive all the way to Longview if there is enough water in the river. Slab spoons, Road Runners, chrome Traps, shallow diving crank baits, tail spinners and live crawfish will fill a cooler of fish in short order when located. Crappie will be moving into the creeks heading toward the shallow spawning areas. Jigs, shiners, and beetle spins can all be productive.

Water Temp: 50s

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