Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 11, 2008

The lake is 170.89 ft msl. High pool is 172msl. Both generators are running full time. Water clarity on the north end of the lake is muddy to stained and clearing as you go south. The water temp has been ranging in the mid to lower 60s. In general the fishing has been excellent across the board when we have a couple days of warm steady weather. The bite will slow down when a front passes through or we get a large influx of rain that muddies the water. The black bass are moving into the shallows and on warm days can be caught in 2 to 3 foot of water on spinner baits, and finesse plastics. Traps, slow rolling a spinner bait or throwing a Texas or Carolina rig in 6 to 8 ft of water around grass patches or close to drop-offs are producing some good females that are waiting to get on the beds. The White bass are all over the river proper and we’ve been having to cover a lot of territory to stay on top of them especially after a strong front passes through. The strong cold fronts and heavy influx of fresh water will slow the bite down for a couple of days and put the Whites on the move but the catches have been excellent when the weather settles. Road Runners, and traps fished in the flooded sloughs and river bend eddies have been producing best. If the river is falling and the whites have pulled out of the sloughs work the river sand-bars with live crawfish, shiners, tail spinners or slab spoons. The Crappie are starting to move to the back of the coves but haven’t bunched up yet. Some of the “Ole Timers” are starting to catch some Crappie under the boat docks at the marina. .

Water Temp: 50s

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