Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 9, 2013

It’s March “Madness” and I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about March “Fishing Madness” on Toledo Bend. March is one the hottest fishing months of the year and thousands of people will be heading to Toledo Bend. With so many people fishing the lake, it’s a good time to go over some basic boating and fishing “etiquettes”. Don’t tie up the boat ramp! Make sure that when you pull up to the boat ramp you are ready to launch your boat. Park your vehicle and trailer appropriately making sure you are not obstructing or taking up more space than you should. Be cognizant of your boat wake! The key here is to be considerate of your fellow fisherman and other boaters. Slow down so your wake does not endanger others. Remember, you could be responsible for any damage your wake causes. Practice the “Golden Rule”! Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Don’t encroach on others fishing spot and don’t cut others off while they are fishing an obvious stretch of water. Practice “Catch & Release”! Release that big female loaded with eggs so she can produce more fish for generations to come. Don’t leave your trash in the lake-take it home! In March, numerous fish will be moving in and out of the spawning flats through out the month. The water temperature is one of the single most factors to consider in locating and catching fish. When the water temperature reaches the middle to upper 50s the Black Bass and Crappie will start moving (staging), or heading to the spawning flats. When the water reaches the upper 50s and lower 60s the fish will start moving onto the beds. Not all fish move onto the beds at the same time, but will move in waves and a number of fish might use the same beds at different times. If a cold front moves in and drops the water temperature, the fish will not move far. They will just back out to the nearest deep water. March is also one of the best months for catching White Bass (Sandies) and Yellow Bass (Bar Fish). With great lake conditions and plenty of water in the lake, the Whites will be in the river proper. Slab spoons, Road Runners, chrome or chartreuse Rat-L-Traps, shallow diving crank baits, tail spinners and live crawfish will fill a cooler of fish in short order. Note: Another good trip for Dale Carlson and Don Riesendorf & wives from Nebraska who have been coming to our lake house for the past several years to fish the White bass run. They took home over six hundred white bass in seven days. That will make for a large fish fry.

Water Temp: 60s

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