Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report November 1, 2009

We set a record rainfall for the month of October. Average precipitation is about 4.5 inches. We received over 20 inches. Going into November, the lake level is a foot and a half over high pool with eleven floodgates open six feet and a lot of water still coming into the lake. Weather wise the average temperature in November is 56 degrees, average high -69 degrees, average low-43 degrees, average precipitation-4.5 inches, and the average number of rainy days is 6.9. (Stats taken from “”). November is one of my favorite months of the year to be fishing on Toledo Bend. The fall foliage is magnificent and all sorts of migratory birds are arriving from the north to winter on the lake. November is one of the most productive fishing months of the year. The Black and White bass will be feeding heavy in anticipation of winter, and the Crappie here on the north end of the lake will be moving to the river channel ledges ganging up on natural and man made cover. It’s fishing time on Toledo Bend, and if you like to catch fish, November is a great time to be on the water. As the water temperature starts to drop the shad will start moving into the coves and the bass will follow. Watch for schooling activity and keep a top water plug, spinner bait, buzz bait, trap or shallow running crank bait handy. For bigger fish throw a worm, jig, spoon or tail spinner under the schooling bass. Finesse plastics (Trick Worms, Flukes, and Senkos) fished along shallow grass lines close to deep water will also be very productive. Areas to concentrate are main lake points, river channel shelf and ledges, the mouth of the major creeks and coves, and creek shelf and ledges. The White bass will be holding on the main lake river channel sandbars and feeding like crazy. Slab spoons, tail spinners, and crank baits will all be productive. Watch for schooling activity and keep a lipless crank bait and top water plug handy. Whether you call them Crappie, sac-au-lait, White Perch or paper mouths, anglers from all over the country will be heading to the Bend to pursue our world famous fall/winter Crappie season. The fish will gang up on the ledges of the old river channel around natural and planted brush piles. Jigs and shiners vertically fished over cover are the ticket.

Water Temp: 72

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