Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report October 3, 2012

Note: If you plan on storing your boat for the winter season, make sure you top off your gas tank, add fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment. Otherwise, you may be in for some costly repairs come spring. The ethanol being put in our gasoline is playing havoc on our outboards from clogged gas lines to replacing expensive fuel pumps. The last weekend of September brought in a little over seven inches of much needed rain, it came in a 24 hr period. The lake is a little over 169 ft msl, still three feet below high pool. We’re heading into my favorite fishing season of the year and being able to fish almost every day on one of the finest fishing impoundments in the world, makes me one of the luckiest fishermen around. As they say, “ it’s a tuff job but somebody has to do it”! The days are getting shorter, the water temperature is starting to fall, and the fish know it’s time to start bulking up in preparation for the coming of winter. October is a great time to be fishing on the “Bend”. The weather is usually very pleasant and the vista of the lake is magnificent. The bass will be following the bait- fish and the bait-fish will be migrating to the backs of the coves and shallow flats. Top water plugs, buzz baits, shallow diving cranks, Rat-L- Traps, blades, soft plastics, jigs, deep diving cranks, tail spinners, spoons and even grubs will be effective this time of year. Locate the bait- fish and you will locate the bass. Shallow flats close to deep water off the river channel are also good areas to catch schooling bass. Work the ledges and drops of the old river channel and creeks with jigs, plastics, crank baits, tail spinners and spoons and keep a shallow diving crank bait, Rattle Trap and top water plug handy if the bass start schooling. On the north end of the lake, October is when the Crappie start moving to the ledges of the old river channel. Shiners and jigs fished from 15 to 30ft of water over planted brush tops are the key to catching a boat- load of Crappie. As the water temperature continues to drop, the Crappie will move into deeper water, 25 to 50ft, and jigs usually will be more productive. The White Bass will be migrating to the north-end of the lake and holding on the river channel sand bars in 15 to 25ft of water. Slab spoons and tail spinners are the ticket. Keep a shallow diving crank bait, trap and top water plug handy when schooling.

Water Temp: 80s

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