Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report October 5, 2006

The lake is 161.4 ft msl (record low); high pool is 172 ft msl. This equates to over a 40% reduction in total water volume. The north end of the lake is stained and clearing as you go south. The water temperature is running in the upper 70s this week. Work started this week at Huxley Bay’s boat ramp with digging out an additional 40 ft or so out into the lake. The next step is building forms to pour the concrete. Hopefully, the completion of the improvements to the ramp will be complete in the next week or so. The jaws of summer just won’t let go with near record high temperatures all last week, but it looks like a nice cool front is headed our way this weekend. All we need is for the water temp to drop 10 to 15 degrees and the feeding frenzy should be wide open across the board. I’m expecting a banner fall/winter season with the low water conditions. My “trigger” finger is getting real “itchy” in anticipation of this season. Now is the time to re-string, oil your reels and organize your tackle boxes. The bass are starting to group up and school on main lake points and at the mouth of the coves. Watermelon finesse worms Tx rigged, spinner baits, traps, plugs and top water baits have been working well early and late. Most the fish have been small with a few good keepers. Better fish coming off of Cr rigged plastics, crank baits and jigs fished along the river channel drops around brush and cover. Hearing some good reports of the Crappie starting to bunch up in the river proper and on the very north end of the lake over brush tops in 13 to 18ft of water, shiners working best. Some good size Crappie coming into Huxley but the numbers are not there yet. A little cool weather and they start bunching up. The White Bass have really been finicky the last week or so. We’ve had some real good days on slab spoons on the sand bars some days and the next day they’ll be scattered. Their feeding activity has been a different time every day. Starting to see some schooling activity.

Water Temp: 78

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