Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report September 18, 2008

This is not my typical fishing report because things have not been very typical lately. Most of my calls this past week have been from people inquiring about the conditions of the lake since Hurricane Ike paid us a visit. Here around Huxley, we were blessed again. We only had about a half-inch of rain and wind gusts up to 50mph. We lost a few shingles and some trees. We only lost power for about 24hrs. Other areas north of us in our water shed received two to three inches of rain. The lake was 168 ft. msl before the storm and today Sept. 18th we are 168.20 ft msl with both generators running five hours from 2 to 7pm. Here on the north end, the lake is muddy to stained from the high winds and fresh water and will probably remain so while SRA is generating, pulling the fresh water through the lake. I was forced to cancel my fishing trips this week because of the conditions but it looks like the lake will be in great shape for fall fishing. The days are getting shorter and you can tell fall is just around the corner. We’ve been cutting and getting our brush tops together for our Crappie season and next week we plan on setting them. On a more serious note…boaters need to be made aware of how rapidly winds and waves can rise on Toledo Bend. Any of us could have been in this situation. I witnessed first hand an unfortunate accident the day after the hurricane, which could have resulted in tragedy. Three experienced young men scouting for duck blind locations were overcome by sudden winds. As they were trying to don life jackets, the boat capsized, tossing them and their dog into the water. As they clung to stumps for an hour in the choppy water, hoping for a passing boat, they finally realized there was no one else on the lake. One wearing a life vest decided to swim to shore, only a couple of miles, and it turned into a three-hour swim. The others hanging onto the stumps thankfully did not move from their location. I was alerted by a neighbor down the shore, and in turn called upon a friend close by who had a boat we could launch at Rodgers Harbor. Time was of the essence as they had already been in the water from 11:00am until 3:30pm. By the grace of God, the water was warm, no one was injured, and it was still daylight. I personally would like to thank Ricky Simms for his efforts. It just goes to show you, you can never be too careful…wear your life vests…they are called life “preservers” for a reason and don’t forget your dog! Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people who have been devastated by Hurricane Ike, but we have been personally affected by our guests from Bridge City, Tx staying at our Cottage who have lost everything.

Water Temp: 72

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