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Toledo Bend Fishing Report April 4, 2016

What a wild ride we’ve had this year. A mild winter resulted in a lot of fish moving into pre-spawn patterns earlier then normal. Then, we got hammered by the heavy rains and flooding conditions. The lake is still a little over high pool with seven gates open one foot and two gates open 2 feet. The pattern here when the lake was high, was to throw your lure on your neighbors patio and work it to the rose bushes. All kidding aside, Mother Nature cannot be so “Motherly” at times, making us work a little harder.

The good news is Toledo Bend keeps turning out record numbers of double-digit fish. As of this report, 126 lunkers have been certified this year compared to 80 something last year and we still have almost two months to go.

April is normally a transition month with a lot of fish having spawned and moving back into deeper water. Some bass will still be on the beds and in shallow water while others will have spawned and will be moving back out to deeper water. Moving off the beds they will try to find a comfortable environment where they can recuperate from the spawn and gradually move into their summer haunts. The bass will migrate along the creeks, ditches and secondary points; so concentrate in these areas, especially areas that have some type of structure or cover. A variety of baits will be productive from top water plugs, buzz baits, spinner baits, frogs, jerk & swim baits, Rat-L-Traps, shallow to mid-diving crank baits, finesse plastics and your variety of worms, lizards and jigs depending on the area you target your fish.

Usually in the latter part of April the Bream will start moving into shallow water for their spawn. An ultra-lite spinning rig, cane or glass pole and a bucket of crickets or worms will surely fill up a chest of big ole bream. Look for “honey-cone” circles in the shallows to locate the beds.

Look for the Crappie in the backs of the coves and pockets. If you don’t find them shallow, follow the points and bends in the creeks as they head back out to deep water.

The White bass are finishing up their spawn in the river proper and are heading back into the main lake. Some of the best fishing can be had this time of year as they bunch up on the north end sandbars. Slab spoons, tail spinners, Rat-L-traps or live crawfish work best.

Happy Fishing!!!

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