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Toledo Bend Fishing Report September 1, 2016

Hello fellow anglers!

Holy cow Batman, if you haven’t already heard, not only has TOLEDO BEND BEEN RATED THE NUMBER ONE FISHERY IN THE COUNTY for the second year in a row by Bass Master magazine’s top 100 lakes, but it will be hosting another Elite series tournament next April for the second year in a row!

What a blessing it’s been to be able to guide and fish on this magnificent body of water for the past twenty-five years! If you’ve never fished Toledo Bend, you don’t know what you are missing.

The lake is in great shape with plenty of water running about 2 feet below high pool; which is about the same level as last year. Water temps are running in the upper 80s and should start falling towards the end of the month.

We’re heading into the home stretch of summer and cooler weather just around the corner. Going into September, we’ll still be fishing a typical summer pattern and hopefully later in the month we’ll start seeing more top water and schooling action on the lake as the water gets cooler.  The bait- fish are moving all over the place and it’s hard to get a consistent bite. Your electronics are going to be your best friend in locating the fish.

My fishing report continues to sound like a broken record. Early morning and late evening we’re working the shallows close to deep water with top water plugs, stick baits, frogs, buzz baits, spinner baits, shallow diving and lipless crank baits (Rat-L-Traps) and finesse plastics (Senkos, Flukes, and Trick worms). When the sun gets overhead or the bite slows down, back out to deeper water along creek channel drops, river ledges, timberlines, main lake ridges and humps, secondary and main lake points with mid to deep diving crank baits, slab spoons, tail spinners and Texas or Carolina rigged soft plastics. Watch for schooling activity and keep a Rat-L-Trap, shallow diving crank bait and top water plug handy.

The White Bass are running all over the lake chasing shad and you never know when they will blow up. Concentrate around boat lanes, roadbeds main lake points and flats throughout the day. Keep a Rat-L-Trap, shallow diving crank bait or top water plug handy when they are schooling and a slab spoon or tail spinner when they go down. Look for the birds’ dive-bombing the water. As the water temp starts falling towards the end of the month, look for more action on the north end sand bars.

The Crappie are holding in 15 to 25 ft. over natural or planted brush tops.

Now’s the time to look at your calendar and pick the fishing dates you would like to reserve for this fall and next spring.

Happy Fishing!!!

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