Texas Fishing GPS Coordinates

Fayette County Lake Texas GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates and fishing information for Fayette County Lake

The following GPS coordinates are provided for general reference.

GPS Waypoints for Fayette County Lake:
Submitted by David A. McClung

GPS Waypoints start at Prairie Park Ramp and work clockwise around the lake: Each entry starts with Lat/Lon, then waypoint name for the GPS receiver followed by a description of the waypoint. Note that the naming convention used is the first letter of the lake name is the first letter of the waypoint. All points here are named F????? This keeps all of the Fayette County Lake points together in my receiver. ID numbers for the Hot Spot Map are indicated when available. All points end in P or PT; all humps end in #HMP where # indicates the depth to the top of the hump. All ramps have RMP after the initial F.

The points are generally in the water, just off of the topographical feature indicated. The points will help you know where you are on the lake. Extreme CAUTION should be used when navigating to the points. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

N 29 56.837 W 96 45.059 FRMPPR – Prairie Park Boat Ramp

N 29 56.972 W96 44.536 FWRDNP – Game Warden Point (23)

N 29 56.736 W 96 44.362 FHOUSP – Point with house foundation just west of Game Warden Point (west of (25)

N 29 56.353 W 96 44.191 FMAINP – Main Point (28)

N 29 56.775 W 96 43.711 FRMPOK – entrance of cove into Oak Thicket Boat Ramp.

N 29 55.964 W 96 43.600 FBZDPT – Buzzard Point (37)

N 29 55.867 W 96 43.127 FBTCHP – point at west end of Butch’s Flat (47)

N 29 55.490 W 96 43.600 FCOMRS – south end of Community Ridge (59)

N 29 55.370 W 96 43.351 FHOGPT – Hog Point (50)

N 29 54.783 W 96 43.405 FDAME – east end of the dam

N 29 55.062 W 96 44.579 FDAMW – west end of the dam

N 29 55.300 W 96 44.755 FH2OC – cold water intake (4)

N 29 55.576 W 96 44.522 FDIKEP – end of the Dike point (9)

N 29 55.576 W 96 45.059 FH2OH – hot water intake

N 29 56.169 W 96 44.698 FWESTP – West Point

N 29 56.652 W 96 44.755 FCAMPP – Camp Point

I have not verified all of these point on the water so would appreciate feedback from the users. Feel free to email me at dmcclung@arlut.utexas.edu.

David A. McClung

email: dmcclung@arlut.utexas.edu

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