Waypoints for Lake Brownwood

Submitted by David A. McClung

Waypoints start at Pecan Bayou at the dam and work up the lake to Byrds. The waypoints pick back up at County Road 559 and work west to Jim Ned Creek. Note that the naming convention used is the first letter of the lake name is the first letter of the waypoint. All points here are named B????? This keeps all of the Lake Brownwood points together in my receiver.

The points are generally in the water, just off of the topographical feature indicated. The waypoints will help you know where you are on the lake.

Extreme CAUTION should be used when navigating to the points. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

WBDAMCHN3150.32000W09900.1900023-AUG-9810:00:0000201CHANNEL AT DAM
WBMCCRSN3150.45000W09900.6000023-AUG-9810:00:0000201MCCRTNY IS SOU
WBMCCRNN3151.50000W09900.2700023-AUG-9810:00:0000201MCCRTNY IS NOR
WBBUZZBN3151.26000W09900.0400023-AUG-9810:00:0000201BUZZARD BAY
WBGOATSN3152.04000W09901.6800023-AUG-9810:00:0000201GOAT ISLAND SO
WBGOATNN3152.27000W09901.5500023-AUG-9810:00:0000201GOAT ISLAND NO
WBROUGHN3153.99000W09901.5700023-AUG-9810:00:0000201ENT ROUGH BRANCH
WBCR559N3151.88000W09902.4500023-AUG-9810:00:0000201END OF CR559
WBJIMBEN3149.28000W09901.7600023-AUG-9810:00:0000201ENT JIM NED BR
WBJIMBNN3148.26000W09902.0300023-AUG-9810:00:0000201BACK JIM NED BR
WBKNECEN3149.70000W09903.9300023-AUG-9810:00:0000201ENT KNEESEE CK
WBKNECNN3150.24000W09903.8200023-AUG-9810:00:0000201BACK KNEESEE CK
WBCASONN3149.26000W09904.1000023-AUG-9810:00:0000201ENT CASON COVE
WBLSHORN3150.00000W09905.3200023-AUG-9810:00:0000201LAKE SHORE
WB279BRN3150.05000W09905.9800023-AUG-9810:00:0000201279 BRIDGE
WBTURNRN3150.69000W09906.1900023-AUG-9810:00:0000201BACK TURNER CK
WBSHORTN3149.51000W09906.5900023-AUG-9810:00:0000201BACK SHORT CK
WBJIMNCN3149.55000W09906.4100023-AUG-9810:00:0000201JIM NED CREEK

I have not verified all of these point on the water so would appreciate feedback from the users. Feel free to email me at dmcclung@arlut.utexas.edu.

David A. McClung

email: dmcclung@arlut.utexas.edu