Olney, MD-(November 24, 2011) A new type of scent has been in the works since November 2010 when the founder of the company first tested it himself on his home waters in Maryland, and then had it tested in Kansas for black Crappie, then had it Tested in Texas, Maryland, Kansas, and Oklahoma where the anglers who tested it were very impressed which is evident with this testamonial:

“I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a great, inexpensive, garlic attractant. I recently took this product to my local body of water to try an experiment. I rigged two rods with the same soft plastic lure, one was straight out of the package and the other was saturated with the Nose Turner Garlic Scent. In a 3 hour span I had caught 5 bass on the unscented lure and about 12-15 on the garlic saturated lure.

Both were fish at an equal amount of time and it was obvious which caught the quality and quantity. I also noticed that the fish that bit the scented lure was not letting go.

The texture that I was using was a thinker consistency but they can make it thick or thin depending on your personal preference. I liked the think scent because when I use it on my jigs, the chunks of scent seem to cling to the jig skirt better.

Overall I am very impressed with Nose Turner Scent and I highly recommend them to anyone.”

–  Kyle Bordelon

The  Garlic scent comes in both a thick version and a thin version as well as in a spray bottle with 3 different size jars, 4 ounce, 8 ounce, and 12 ounce sizes. There website is noseturnerbassscents.com and you can also call 202-436-4133 to order