Master Deep Winter Bass Fishing

There are three important factors when fishing in the winter. Shad, Shad, and yep you guessed it, Shad. Find the shad and you will almost certainly find the bass somewhere close. In order to find the shad first you must be willing to commit a portion of your day to locating them before ever making a cast. Utilizing the side scan and down scan on my Lowrance units is absolutely critical. Most times I will start looking for shad at the mouths of the creeks or pockets and work my way towards the back. Another great way to speed up the process is by driving around the lake until you see Loons or Seagulls. The birds don’t necessarily have to be actively feeding on the shad. If you find a decent number of birds in an area you will surely find some shad located nearby.

Once you locate the shad then comes the fun part! Fishing and hopefully plenty of catching. In the winter months the shad around these parts can be as deep as 100 feet so having a bait that gets down to the depths quick is a necessity. Two fantastic offerings from Jewel Bait Company that do just that are the Scuba Spoon and the Live Spin. Both baits weigh in at 1-ounce so they get down to the fish fast! Try these two baits to help load the boat this winter.