The bass are beginning to move under the pads in four to six feet of water. You can catch some monsters with popping scum frogs or by throwing several other lures that will come over the pads without hanging up. One such lure is a ½ ounce spoon with a worm pushed down over the weed guard and then pulled back over the hook which makes the lure completely wheedles. Another good lure is a centipede rigged Texas style. Of course, you should never forget a buzz bait early and late in the day or fish it all day on overcast days. If the pads don’t produce move to Big Cypress Bayou and fish a jig around the base of the cypress trees along the river. You will also find Blacks in the lay downs along the bank. Throw the jig into the pads along the bank and into pockets in the grass along the bank. Also, an excellent producer on the river bank is the wacky worm. Use purple and die the ends white or pumpkin green-fleck and die the ends chartreuse. A small glass rattler and garlic scent also increases the number of strikes on the wacky worm. Good luck, I’ll see you on the water. Norm Presson – 800 607-6002

Water Temp: 72