The Black Bass have been slow, however, the White Bass and Yellow Bass have given anglers a good time. The first group I took out turned in 61 fish to be cleaned by Shorty at Shady Glade. The second group, which went out two days later turned in 50 fish to be cleaned at Shady Glade. These fish were caught by letting the 1/8 oz. jig go to the bottom. Then, all the anglers had to do was just bounce it up off the bottom about six to eight inches and let it fall back to the bottom again. The fish would be on the jig when it was picked up off the bottom. Action with the first group was continuous. However, the action with the second group came in spurts. The sky had cleared and we had high pressure so the fish were biting slower than usual. During the first outing we could have turned in more fish to be cleaned, however, we had enough to satisfy all. Both days we threw back plenty of short fish. The White Bass length limit on Caddo is 10″ minimum. All fish were caught in Alligator Bayou. The recent rains have made our lake safer to travel on again. During the drought that just passed Caddo became very low and dangerous. All the fishing guides that I have talked with damaged their boats during the low water. One man knocked his motor completely off his boat. So, now that the water is back up, come on out and join in the fun. White Bass, Yellow Bass, and Crappie are biting now. Black Bass should come on line soon. I’ll see you on the water. Norm

Water Temp: 45