You can catch up to 30 bass a day by dragging lizards or frogs slowly over lily pads. If you put rattlers in you lures, they will be more productive. Take your time and fish slowly by moving the bait just a few feet at a time. Do this irratically, then stop and let the lure sit there a minute. Another pattern that is working now is rear weighted centipedes or french fries. Drop the fries around logs, pads, or any other structure along the river bank. Again, fish slow. If you want to catch a number of fish, fish the river. If you’re going for a large bass, fish the trees, grass beds, and pads of the main lake. Best areas are around Jap Island, Ellis Island, Big Green Brake, Little Green Brake, and in front of Potter’s Point. Good fishing and be careful out there. Caddo has claimed more than 160 lives. Probably the most dangerous places to be on the lake are the boat roads in Texas. Drive your boat like you would a car at night when you would not over drive the area illuminated by your headlights. In like manner you should drive your boat in the boat roads in such a manner that if you meet another boat coming around a curv at high speed you will be able to avoid them. If you are driving too fast, this will not be possible and you could be added to the list of fatalaties on Caddo. Six people with over forty years of experience on the lake have died here!!! Don’t get complacent!!!

Water Temp: 72