fair bass to 6 lbs 8 oz on silver/black Rat-L-Trap 8′ deep beyond marina swimming area and using black/blue jigs near points and boat docks on the north side of the lake. Excellent crappie with approx 15-20 per person with l lb average in 40′ water using free falling live minnow 5′ from bottom at dam area between spillway and the rocks. Blue and channel cat good off piers, drop offs and ledges by the dam on live worms and stink baits late evenings and using cut shad on trot lines. Crockett Family Resort Houston County Lake Rt. 3 Box 460 Crockett, Tx 75835 936/544-8466 www.crockettresort.com marina@crockettresort.com

Water Temp: 56