Lake Fork Fishing Report August 2001 by: Guide – Sherry D. Ruslink Believe it or not, the days are getting shorter, and that means cooler weather is right around the corner. August fishing on Fork is typically cool mornings and nights, while the midday to afternoon is hot. The bass and crappie like to hold in deeper haunts where the water temperatures are cooler and more tolerable for their comfort zone. There is still time for you and the kids to enjoy a day or night of fishing before schools and after school activities start. So pack the boat, buy some soda pop and watermelon, don’t forget the hotdogs, and come on to Lake Fork for a end of summer fishing fling. It will be wise to fish early morning and late evening or night because of the extreme heat index during midday and afternoon. Bass will move into the upper levels chasing shad into pockets of cover. Any vegetation should be holding concentrations of shad, such as lilypads, hyacinth, primrose, hydrilla, and other grasses. Some bass will actually hold in the shade of cover all day, but most will move out and suspend in deeper water where the temperatures are cooler. Therefore time of day should dictate how shallow or deep you should be fishing. I like to start early morning with a topwater lure worked around lilypads, laydowns, pockets, across ridges or pond dams. Buzzbaits, Chug Bugs, Zara Spooks, or Devil’s Horse are good lures to entice a big old bass to the top. Work it erratically with a stop and go retrieve, where the bass will view it as easy, vulnerable prey. Then, hand on! Next, I am using a Texas rigged worm using a Kistler heavy action Worm rod. Don’t leave any stump, log, or tree without working around it several times. As the sun comes up, really concentrate on the shady side of the cover. Crankbaits, using a stop and go retrieve around trees on points is catching a few. Try shad or green colors to simulate the forage of shad or perch. As the day progresses, turn toward the Carolina rig or jig/craw worked on deeper points, ridges, humps, roadbeds, submerged bridges, and pond dams. The best holding areas is 20 – 30 feet. Gene Larew Salt Fries, Bass Assassins, centipedes and lizards on a 3/0 hook, and use a 3 feet plus leader. When you are fishing that deep, remember that it will be a little harder to detect a fish bite, so stay real tuned in to your line and the feel transmitting through your rod. A real good area to explore is the dam and SRA area, Chaney, Ray Branch, Dale, Wolfe, Pop-R, White Oak, Big and Little Mustang, Chicken Ridge, Hurley, Taylor, Searcy, EXP, Gypsy Point, and Black Top Road. If you are unsure about some of the areas, then pick up the Martin’s Map or Martins CD Rom of Lake Fork. It is an excellent map, and very accurate. J & H Lodge, located right off Hwy 515 is one of the nicest facilities on the lake. It offers a two bedroom/two bath, family room, washer/dryer, fully equipped kitchen, computer, satellite TV, on the water, and the nicest owner, Helen Johnson. Give her a call for your next stay on Lake Fork. 903-383-2631. Sherry Ruslink is a licensed guide on Lake Fork. She runs a full service Fishing Guide Business. Sherry’s guide service offers individual, corporate/ group, instructional, and tournament prefish trips. Day trips, night trips, and ½ day bass fishing trips, Crappie trips, and gift certificates. Duck hunts, catfish trips, and full package fishing and / or hunting trips to Lake Guerro, Mexico can be arranged. Sherry can be reached at 903-383-7310, 1-877-523-9227, email:, URL: Sponsor’s include – Triton Boats/Mercury Motors, Kistler Rods, Shimano Reels, Lowrance, Motorguide, Lockhart Lures, Gene Larew Lures, Top Brass Tackle, Martin’s Map, and Bass Assassin. ******************************************************************************************************************* Martin’s Maps – A great fishing tool that is a must have is the new Martin’s Map or CD Rom which will enable the angler to find many structures that Lake Fork has to offer for bass habitat. With the aid of a computer, you are able to zoom in or out on contour lines, structure, see pictures before the lake was filled, receive fishing info from myself and Kerry Stafford, as well as print off the information that you want. Every angler that fishes Lake Fork ought to have this new CD Rom. Call me for details on retail or wholesale, and mail order purchases.

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