Lake Fork Fishing Report November 2000 by: Guide – Sherry D. Ruslink November is one of my most favorite months to fish on Lake Fork because the energy level and feeding instinct of a bass is at a yearly high! Fall is the best time for families to enjoy catching bass because bass will typically chase anything that wiggles, zooms, sputters, or crawls through their feeding territory. Cooler weather is an excellent time to interest kids and significant others to the thrills of feeling the line tug on the end of a rod. Whether for fun, relaxation, trophy, or learning experience, Lake Fork offers a smorgasbord of diverse activities that the whole group can enjoy during the fall. Lake Fork, situated in northeast Texas, offers year round fishing, boating, and camping with seasonal attractions as an added plus such as crappie fishing, duck hunting, hog hunting, deer hunting, golf, antiques, and county festivals. Bass will follow shad to the backs of creeks and gorge while they have them trapped, and then swim back out a ways to follow some more shad to the back of the creek again. Bass are cold blooded animals and must feed heavily to acquire enough protein to sustain their systems through the winter. Watch for shad busting the water, and notice which way they are travelling. Cast in behind the group of preyfish with a lipless, shad color crankbait and start winding back at a pretty fast pace. Because the bass are giving chase to feed on the shad, this lure will fool the bass into a strike just about every time. Other good fall bass fishing techniques is a jigging spoon or Chick N Spin over submerged roadbeds and bridges, on sharp dropping ledges and points, and the sides of old stock ponds. A Carolina rigged Gene Larew Salt Fry or the Bass Assassin Fry Assassin in watermelon, junebug, pumpkin, or red shad, using a 3 feet leader on the Kistler Carolina Rig Rod is going to be the “go to” rig of choice. Topwater lures, including buzzbaits, Chugbugs, Pop R, and Spittin Image will attract some bass, especially if the skies remain cloudy all day. A Rapala or Thunderstick will work on shallow points or ledges around stumps and trees. The kicker lure will be the Bass Assassin or Twitch, worked weightless around grass and stumps. It is warmer than normal for this time of the year, however the water temps should start falling between now and mid November, and when they do, get ready for the fast action of the Rattle Trap. We have had some rain the last of October which is helping put some of the much needed nutrients back in the lake for a healthy grass community and healthy bass population. The old saying “When you have grass, you have bass”, is so true. There is not a trophy bass fishery in the United States that doesn’t have lots of healthy grass. And, when drought conditions occur it affects the whole eco-system. Lake Fork’s trophy bass fishery is dependent on a good healthy grass habitat, excellent fisheries management, restocking, and conservation to remain as one of the top trophy bass fisheries in the United States. Backs of creeks, main lake and secondary points, and submerged roads and bridges is the place to be during the fall. Use the Martin’s Map or CD Rom to find the many structures that Lake Fork has to offer for bass habitat. The new CD Rom is a must have for the anglers that frequent Lake Fork. With the aid of a computer, you are able to zoom in or out on contour lines, structure, see pictures before the lake was filled, receive fishing info from myself and Kerry Stafford, as well as print off the information that you want. Every angler that fishes Lake Fork ought to have this new CD Rom. Call me for details on retail or wholesale, and mail order acquisitions. As of September 1, 2000, there is a new largemouth bass slot limit that is enforced on Lake Fork by the Texas Parks and Wildlife which is 16″ – 24″. All bass which measure between 16 and 24 inches must be returned to the waters of Lake Fork immediately. There is a daily bag limit of 5 bass, which 5 under 16 inches, or 4 under 16 inches and one over 24 inches may be retained per day. Please practice “Catch and Release”, “Safe Handling” of all bass, and be courteous on the lake. Texas Parks & Wildlife info, call 1-800-792-1112. Computer generated license, 1-800-895-4248, Visa and MasterCard only. Sherry Ruslink is a licensed guide on Lake Fork. She runs a full service Bass Fishing Guide Business. Sherry’s guide service offers individual, corporate/ group, instructional, and tournament prefish trips. Day trips, night trips, and ½ day bass fishing trips, Crappie trips, and gift certificates. Duck hunts, catfish trips, and full package fishing and / or hunting trips to Lake Guerro, Mexico can be arranged. Sherry can be reached at 903-383-7310, 1-877-523-9227, email:, URL: Sponsor’s include – Triton Boats/Mercury Motors, Kistler Rods, Shimano Reels, Lowrance, Motorguide, Lockhart Lures, Gene Larew Lures, Top Brass Tackle, and Bass Assassin. We would love to have you join Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association on Lake Fork! *******FISH FRIENDLY*******

Water Temp: 68