Fishing Report Lake Texoma. Friday, May 4, 2001. Lake level: 616.69. Water Temperature: 63 degrees. Water clarity: Clear. Generating eight hours. Floodgates: Closed. Weather: low 65 / high 78, partly cloudy/light wind. Fishing time: Friday, 6:30 a.m. till 11:30 a.m. Striper fishing using live bait cannot get better than right now. Shad are still very hard to find in Texoma. Large shiners (slabs) work great. The north and northwest sides of the lake produced the largest catches with limits up to seven pounds before 8:00 am for our four boats today. Overall the stripers are feeding from west of the Willis Bridge to North Island, north to the Cross, east to Washita Point and north to the Roosevelt Bridge. Normally the spawn is over by now. We are still catching stripers with roe and milt. This indicates that there is a long shot for the fish to spawn rather than absorb their eggs. A rain this weekend should complete the spawn. Look for the stripers moving to the main body of the lake after the spawn. Bruce Hysmith, Fisheries Biologist, reports this years gill net catch rates were highest since 1987. The ODWC and TPWD combined gill net totals showed Texoma’s striper population was 25.1% 20-inch and bigger fish, up from 15.5% in 2000. In 1987 40% of the population was 20 inches and longer. The percent of big fish began to decline in 1988 and fluctuated between 12.8% and 27.0% from 1988 through 2000. Gill nets will be set again later this month to re-evaluate these findings. On the downside, Mr. Hysmith reported a larger shad kill this winter than he had previously estimated. Threadfin shad do not survive well in cold water conditions and this winters freeze took a toll on them. TPWD has stocked shad from Savoy Lake twice this year. As soon as they can find other sources of shad they plan more stockings. Hysmith said they are fighting an up-hill battle with the most stripers in years and the least shad since 1979. Shad were re-established in 1979 and will be re-established again this year. Threadfin spawn all summer long. This helps them come back quick. From now thru June, striper fishing will be at it’s best on Lake Texoma. Come enjoy the fun and excitement of reeling in freshwaters hardest fighting fish. Always respect other boaters and have fun. Report submitted by: Tinker’s Striper Guide Service, To see pictures of this months catch go to: Black Bass are good to 6 lb. on spinners, cranks and Riverside worms. Some fish coming on Carloina Rigs with fries or lizards. The spawn is mostly over, small fish are on the banks. Bigger fish have moved out to 10-15 foot water. Along with the above lures, soft or hard jerk baits will work. Bass Report submitted by professional guide J. B. Webb.

Water Temp: 63