Fishing the past two weeks has been steady. Boats averaging between 8 and 15 keeper Red’s and Trout per 1/2 day. Wind has made drift fishing very favorable for the area known as the Gas Well flats producing Large Red’s and specks. The clear water off of Lookout point has had it’s waters producing large numbers of Red’s on Gold 3/4 ounce Johnson Sprite Weedless Spoons. The West side of the bay is filled with Tailing Red’s if you can catch them during the calm of the morning. A lot of good fish are starting to show in the Saucer area out from Port Mansfield and our Guides are working this area quite a bit with great success. As we leave the windy months of spring and begin the “Dog Days of Summer” it is time for the exciting action of Wade fishing and poling the boats into tailing Red’s in the 8 to 10 inch water that we call the lower Laguna Madre. Fly Rod action and light spinning tackle with Green and White Cocahoe’s as well as Red and White will be the order of the day for the coming months.This time of year is also when the Trout gather under the Channel lights by the hundreds. Good Fishing; Dunkin Guide Systems

Water Temp: 85