Lake Ray Roberts, North Texas As prepared by Armstrong Outfitters Pro Guide Service. 817-821-5407 Sponsored by Champion Boats, Mercury Outboards and Dodge Trucks. Lake Level 8 foot low Temperature, 85-88 degrees. Clarity, clear. A special thanks and welcome to my new sponsors, Jerry’s Best Tackle, Spike It Lures & Dyes, The Boat Cleaner, Piranha Rods, AAA Fiberglass, EZ Retriever and! Also a special thanks to my guide counter part Wes Wingett at WWW Guide Service for all his recent help and friendship. Thank you all for your faith and generosity! I look forward to tight lines and heavy hook sets! Texas is a wonderful state as most of you will agree but when you can fry a hamburger on the boat ramp at 11:00 in the morning it is just to darn HOT! The only thing more important than a gallon of COLD water in this heat is sunscreen and GOOD eye protection. Maui Jim Sunglasses has just come out with their lightweight poly-carbonate sport glasses and they are turbo cool, be sure to check them out at your favorite dealer or at Though the heat is tough the fishing is not as tough. It is actually pretty good. We have been concentrating on the “EARLY” a.m. top water bite and have some really good fish on the Zara Spook in blue shore minnow, clear torpedo’s, Patriot white double bladed buzz baits and slow twitching a Big Bag Lil Shad in Baby Bass over the deep grass. I say early to the top water bite because this is a very narrow window of opportunity not lasting more than 30-40 minutes. The night fishing has been sporadic but when it has been good it has been GREAT! Large Power Worms, 10-12 inches and 3/8 oz black and blue or red shad Zoom Brush Hogs have been the best menu fair for the big girls. For those of you that do not have the time to night fish then concentrate on the DEEP cedars trees after the top water bite has slowed. We have been having our best success with Zoom Brush Hogs flipped into the cedar trees. Be sure you have some SERIOUS line or you will be heart broken. Recent customer Bill Phelps from Michigan went home happy with two fish over 8 pounds and one over 9 in two days worth of fishing. Not to mention the 100 plus sand bass we caught as well. We are also starting to do some DEEP water Carolina Rigging and have had really good success with one of my new sponsors products the Duz It Tube from Jerry’s Best Tackle in Washington. We are Carolina rigging the shelves off the channels in the main lake and using an unusually long leader of about three foot. My favorite color is the Witches Tit for flipping the cedars same as the Zoom Brush Hogs and for the Carolina Rigging the Watermelon Pumpkin is working well rigged on a 3/0 Eagle Claw Rbend Hook. I am also lightly tipping the tassels on the tube with either orange or chartreuse Spike It Dip & Dye. The bigger fish have not been bashful about hitting the bait. I am also taking a small piece of sponge soaked in Kick N Bass Garlic Fish Attractant and stuffing it up in the nose of the tube then threading it on the hook. It really makes for a nice scent reservoir and holds the tube in place better. In addition the new Lake Fork Trophy Tackle nickel/tungsten weights are awesome for Carolina Rigging through the cedars. These weights have a higher pitched click when a glass bead hits it and has less drag than conventional lead weights. Also the 1/4 oz weight is awesome for Texas rigging the Jerry’s Best Duz It tubes and Zoom Brush Hogs. Some of the more productive areas have been the boat ramp in Johnson Branch, look for the grass there and fish the CR, tube and Big Bag Lil Shad around shore line grass and structure. Start in about 12 foot and back out. The mouth of Lick, Walnut and Airplane Creeks have some AWESOME deep water cedars in them as does the mouth of Indian where it meets the main lake. There are some good channels and creeks that create some good CR structure here as well so after you have flipped the trees then try the CR. For the top water bite and for some great sand bass action the flats and secondary points by Lick and Walnut creeks and Cate’s Point that splits the two arms of the lake have been awesome. In closing I want to tell you about Piranha Rods and a product that will cut your boat detailing time by 75%. Piranha Rods has recently become my sponsor and I must say I am impressed with the quality of the blanks, lightness and sensitivity and the Fugi guides and reel seats. Not only are they attractive to look at they are great to use. The price ranges are from $59-$89 and are well worth the money. These rods and many additional fine products can be found a AAA Fiberglass and Tackle. Ask for Alan Dunn and be sure to tell him I sent you. Lastly, there is a new product I have discovered called the Boat Cleaner. It is a 20 oz spray bottle that has liquid carnuba wax in it and wipes off effortlessly with a dry towel or rag. I put it on the boat, trailer, wheels and motor EVERY TIME I come off the lake and the boat looks great! I no longer am spending my valuable fishing time on the weekends detailing my boat for 5-6 hours. This stuff works and is very inexpensive. If you are interested you can contact them at the following e-mail addresses or 888-359-5538, for Piranha Rods go to or e-mail Alan Dunn at Until next time, Drink a lot of WATER and take out what you take in. Keep a wet hook and God Bless, Kirk Armstrong Outfitters, 817-821-5407

Water Temp: 85+