Richland Chambers Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Wed, April 11,2001 (dated fished Wed 9, 2001) Water Color: Clear to 1 ft Depth: Above Normal Water Temp: Top 60o, Bottom 55o (4/5/01) Forecast: Warm with a High of 78 winds out of the South 10 to 25 Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Rod – Hookhider Rods IM8 7ft Medium Heavy Reel -Spidercast SCP-600 Line-P-line 12lb Lure- Wacky Worm Color- Blue/Black & Red Shad Black Bass: Most of the Big Females have dropped their eggs and have started to moved back out to deeper water. All the fish that were caught on Carolina-Rig using French fry (Red Shad & Blue/ Black) using a 3ft liter after the beads and sinker. Mainly working the Secondary points also work the creek channels, work edges with cover you will put fish in the boat. The early morning topwater bite is pretty good got out a few points pretty close to the creeks. You want to look for sharp drop off from shallow to deep water . The topwater plug that I was using is a Ghost color and a Fire tiger plug. Once the 15 to 30 mph winds started changed over to Crome / Blue Rattletrap or a Tenn. Shad, shallow running Crankbait. I would throw towards shore, due to all the shad being pushed up we catch a few Bass.I would work the same water.Some time you might have to drop a anchor if you get into some fish so you don’t have to fight the wind wuth your trolling motor. Fishing around the north end of Hickey Island pretty productive, we would work the roadbed until we would get in the wind you only could get so far in the strong wind, due to the wind coming out of the south. I was using a Pumpkin/Chart Berkley Power worm Texas Rig and flip it up in cover I’d like to take the time to Thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina and my Sponsors :Hookhider Rods, Lunker City Lures, Spiderwire, Spidercast Reels, S.O.B Lures, Gambler/Bang and Aerial Angler and Bait Hooker Please Practice Catch and Release Steve Schmidt Tight Lines and Good Fishing Schmidts Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 (hm) 817-929-0675 (cell) 972-923-6649 ( wk)

Water Temp: 61